Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Anchor Barn and some Unsusal Buttons

This barn is now owned by Charlene and Don Messerie. Located on the Old Wagon Road outside of Coos Bay. It was built in the 1930's. Original owner Captain Donaldson was a retired sea captain who had the metal anchor made in San Francisco and placed on the roof.

Can you imagine all the work done in this huge barn over the years?

I recently ran across an Etsy Shop that I found amazing. It is Tessa Ann Designs. This lady and her husband recently retired to stay home and design buttons...Yes, designer buttons of all sorts. Tessa Ann's buttons are unbelievably unique. I wanted to share with you all. The link to her Etsy shop is at the top left of this post. Go take a look at all the different designs they do at Tessa Ann Designs and her prices are good too.

Here is a sneak preview of what she has. Amazing :)


slommler said...

What a fabulous structure. So sculptural!!

artistamyjo said...

What a wonderful old barn !
Love the buttons too,so very unusual.
Hugs, Amy

whymsicalmusings said...

Oh I love old barns and this is a grand old one! Thank you for finding the fun etsy shop to! Sending a hug your way:)

Mollye said...

WOW! The Buttons. To even be able to think of something that a husband/wife team could create and receive equal joy from and actually "make a living" with must be awesome. And aren't they beautiful. Fun, quirky, pretty and so unique. Thanks for sharing, Mollye

Salzanos said...

I love that ole barn, reminds me of growing up on my Uncle Harolds ranch in Kimberly Oregon!! How many sheep we raised, how many cows!

Mya said...

Talking about turning a barn into a home - well that barn could be turned into a dozen condos.

These buttons are itty bitty works of art. Makes you want to think of ways to use them so you can show them off.

Bevie said...

I've so enjoyed visiting you today hon...haven't been online much of late. Getting ready to finally get that right knee replaced..then the hip..grrrr.
I love barns too hon...take photos of all I see...and the they are gorgeous, fun and love the colors!!! Love you too sweetpea!

Lydia said...

Wow-How unique!

Paxie said...

Love the barn!

These buttons are amazing. What talent you surround yourself with!!