Saturday, June 26, 2010


It is hard to believe that it has been a year since we lost these two American Icons.
I will always enjoy Michael's music and Farah's Movies !
We miss you guys!!

Friday, June 25, 2010


Young Love



I few more collages under my belt

Thursday, June 24, 2010


As you know Petey tore his cruciate ligment in his knee and had to have surgery. It has been hard to keep this puppy down since he and his brother Sampson are so active.
This photo was taken back in 2006 when we first moved to Oregon. They were a year old and still fit on ONE bed. They truly are buddies.
This was not posed by me, they just love each other.

They like to use each other as a pillow when there is not one available.

They eventually grew so big we had to get two beds and put them side by side.

Oh...this is more like it!

Oh please open this door and let me out to run!

It's okay Brother....we can wait 3 more weeks. I will stay right here with you.

These guys are so spoiled...they get walks around outside every 4 hours during the days Petey has been restricted to no running or romping. Mom even sits on the grass with them everyday unless of course it raining. This has been the longest 8 weeks ever but it is coming to an end. Three weeks or like I like to tell Petey TWO more Tuesdays (since his 8 th week is the day he goes to the doctor) we won't count that one! Makes it sound better right? He can understand me, really :)


This week Digital Whisper had a challenge in the theme of Father's Day. This is the photo we were to use.

This is what I did with it using photoshop. I used the photo provided and added a couple of vintage images and the Fresco filter.

Kimmie at Digital Whisper also started a blog when the Ning network decided to charge users. She was fortunate enough to have enough members contribute to the fee so was able to keep the her Digital Whisper network open but now we have two fun places with two fun challenges each week. These were the two photos she provided for the challenge at the Digital Whisper Blog. We were to use at least two of the images here.

This is what I did with it. Using Photoshop I cut and pasted three of the images from one photo onto the other image. Then I used brushes to accent the edges. Not so creative but it was experience :)

Also thanks to everyone for your concern and kind words for my friend Mollye of Shezadoosey ,who lost her son to a shooting accident last week. She is home and has left a post about her son Jake, his funeral and his life. What sad thing to have to go through. God Bless Jake's family and hold them close while they grieve his loss. Jake is in a wonderful place called heaven where his loved ones will join him again someday.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


I am so saddened today to hear that my friend Mollye at Shezadoosey lost her son to a shooting accident.
Please go to her blog to read her story. It must be so hard to lose a child.
Please pray for Mollye and her husband and family as they go through this horrible tragedy.
May God hold them close while they grieve.

Saturday, June 19, 2010


This weeks challenge was "Bridge"
Photo provided for the challenge

This is what I did with it

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


This weeks challenge was clouds.

This is what I came up with using three different images provided by Kimmie over at Digital Whisper

Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well I have been waiting for spring long enough. It is still cold and rainy here in Coos Bay soooo
My granddaughter Angela is graduating June 11th and I am out of here!!

I am going to her graduation in Las Vegas where there is sunshine .

This is going to be such a treat for me.

I got my airline reservations...

Got my summer tops and my sunglasses ready.....

Got new nail polish to do my nails....

I am ready!!!!!!!!!!

I am also going to the Viva Elvis show compliments of my oldest granddaughter Melissa.

I have always been such a fan of Elvis. When we moved from Idaho to Las Vegas in the 70's, the year he died, I was so excited that finally I might get to see him but he passed away just a few months after we got there.

I will be in the sun for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully when I get home summer will be here.
Who know, maybe I will come home with a tan :)

Friday, June 4, 2010


Yep I am officially old's my birthday! I am 62 years old. All signed up for Social Security .

I miss my Mother telling me all about how she was in labor for three days and three nights with me because I was born with my thumb in my mouth and my elbow was preventing my progress of being born. In those days c sections were not popular so my poor Mother suffered giving birth to me.

She told me that she was so exhausted after I was born that she slept for 24 hours and had not seen me yet. When they brought her new born in to her she said the baby had red hair and was really small. Luclily my Grandmother had seen me when I was first born and told my Mother that I had alot of black hair and I was a healthy fat baby.

Hospital's mistake...Mom said this is not my baby, my baby is fat and has lots of black hair...Gosh! I almost went to the wrong parents :)

Patricia Marie Gale
This is me at the age of 9 months old. Look at that pout.

I haven't changed a bit right? Hee hee hee!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


The theme this week on the Digital Whisper Ning Network is Grafiti.
Digital Art Collage created using a background by Kat Kotrla of Austin, TX - Stock.xchng
and images of Johnny Depp, Stevie Nicks, Trace Atkins and Michael Jackson.
This was a lot of fun!

This challenge was on the Digital Whisper Blog
The theme was Hollywood.
Can you tell who these Hollywood stars are?