Sunday, November 25, 2007


Another collage I did today.
Mat Stack backing with a layer of gesso and I blended acrylic paint with a spone roller.
The roller makes blending so easy! I am learning so much!
I call this Moments because it has a clock face on it AND an Indian head nickel and a bird with a hat on. Those are some pretty special moments!
I am havign too much fun!


Here is my piece for Everyday Art today
It is a collage made with an old file folder as the backing
I put a layer of Gesso on it and used acrylic paint to create what I call "Fall"
I am having so much fun creating. So what do you think?

Saturday, November 24, 2007


I think that my computer is haunted. With all the problems I have had with the server over the past week and a half today I go on to look at my blog and notice that all the photos on the OUR TRIP TO CA post are gone! Someone is telling me to leave it alone so I guess you will miss out on the first part of our trip unless they decide to appear again. I have had it ! I will not replace the photos.

On a happier note.....

his is my piece for the Everyday Art Group
They are dried pansies that my grandson Chase picked for me when we were in CA.

Aren't they just so very pretty?

Friday, November 23, 2007

Spent Sunday with my son D'Angelo and his family, Lori and Donovan

Lori and I spent the day doing collage

San Franciso hillside

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Golden Gate Bridge Exit
We are in the WRONG lane!
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It was good getting lost here.

I got to see how San Franciscans live

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Reminds me of a castle

So many styles of buildings

Each one different

Look at the wrought iron balcony around the windows

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Entering the mighty Golden Gate Bridge

The middle

What an amazing bridge.
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Click on picture to see a closer view of Alcatraz where the prison is.
It is closed but you can take a ferry to the island with a tour of the prison.
I will do this next trip.

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The other side of Golden Gate Bridge

SF coast line. See the bridge linking SF to Oakland?

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The boat dock in SF Bay

After driving through three communities with no vacancies through the dark and fog we finally found a vacancy in Willits the gateway to the redwoods.

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Finally, the sign to the entrance of the Avenue of the Giants
I am excited now!

There it is the map of the Humbolt Redwood State Park

Entering the Redwood Forest
Okay, here we go.

A bit of history on the forest

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God does such good work!

Look how small the road looks

A fallen giant

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My husband standing in front of the biggest tree we saw along the avenue

These trees are so huge they literally take your breath away

The forest is full of red needles and green fern

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Wow! Can you believe this?!

A very large redwood

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That was fun! Okay let's head for home

This seagull was calm even when I got close to take his picture.

There it is...the Oregon Coast Line

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Okay there it is...the beautiful Oregon Coast
We are home! We had a good time but are happy to be home.
I missed reading all of your blogs and plan to spend next week catching up.
Hope you enjoyed our trip, it was a pleasure sharing it with you.

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