Saturday, October 31, 2009


Here is my latest creation done for another challenge over at Digital Whisper.
I call it "Strange Happenings"

Happy Halloween everyone

Monday, October 26, 2009


This was on the front page of the online COOS BAY World News. We did get interviewed and we did get attention. Go ahead and click the link and check it out !!

Window decorators aim to brighten downtown CB

Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I finally made it home after missing my flight on Sunday. I felt so bad that my son had to turn around anc come back and get me but my son Tony and is family made it a fun day with them browsing book stores which my son is addicted to.

Seems as though you have to be at the airport 2 hours before boarding to go through security if you are checking luggage. I didn't make it so I missed my flight. I had to be at the airport at 4AM the next morning. Funny thing was, I arrived on time but NO ONE was working the counter until 5:30AM UGH!!

When I arrived home my dogs were waiting for me in the back of our PT cruiser. They licked my face off they were so happy to see me.

I arrived in Las Vegas around 8PM on Thursday. The original itinerary was to arrive at 3PM but my flight was delayed due to fog in Coos Bay on that day. We boarded after an hour and 45 minutes delay only to have the pilot tell us to dis board due to the air traffic in San Francisco. We had another hour delay.

I had a three hour layover in San Francisco which I expected and while I was there I was able to see the Blue Angles take off and land since they were in town for a show that weekend. That was fun.

On Friday I sent time with some old friends and then my son David took me to lunch and on the way he told me about this building that is being constructed . It is a brain clinic and deals with Alzheimer patients and people with brain disorders. Now if I did not have a brain problem before I saw this building I may have afterwards! This is just weird!

This is my oldest son David. He is the district manager for the Operating Engineers in Las Vegas.
I am so proud of him. He has worked very hard and a lot of years to get to where he is now and soon he will be promoted again.
This is D'Angelo, my middle son and Tony my youngest son. They are enjoying a few moments remembering old times with their older brother.

Remember my oldest granddaughter Melissa? Yep, here she is with her boyfriend. Don't they make a cute couple? She is enjoying working as a cook since she graduated from Cor don Bleu Collage last year. She plans to take another course sometime in the near future. I am so proud of her.

This is Angela, Melissa's younger sister. She just turned 18 and is in the color guard at her high school. We went to watch her marching band competition and they took first place. I am so proud of her. She is such a sweet girl and has a great sense of humor. She is tiny but has a great big heart.

Melissa Renee and Angela Marie

Lori Loo and Lisa my wonderful daughter in laws
Mica was unable to be there since she was not feeling well and did not want to leave Missy the puppy alone. We caught up with her later at her and Tony's home in Escondido

My sweet sweet Lori, she is the sweetest person and so bubbly, she makes us all smile!

Here are all the girls. My daughter in laws Lori, and Lisa and Me
My granddaughters Angie, Ashley, my son's Mother in law Paulene and Melissa.
My youngest granddaughter in front Abriana.

Here are all the boys. In the back is Vincent, my oldest grandson. D'Angelo my middle son, Donovan my youngest grandson, Tony my youngest son, David my oldest son and Davin, David's grandson.

I arrived at D'Angelo and Lori's home on Sunday night. I got to baby sit my grandson Donovan all day Monday. This is him after his shower all bundled up in his towel. He is a character! He has a sense of humor just like his Mom! Loved this day just me and Donovan!

After an afternoon with my old friends from work I rented a car and drove to my youngest son's house.
This is my youngest granddaughter Abriana, she is into colonial and prairie times and gave us a little preformance. She is so cute! Looks like me too!
And Vinnie, my oldest grandson. He just turned 15 years old, is yearning to drive and is way beyond his age in school. He and Abriana have been home schooled all of their lives and they are so more advanced than regular school children. Abriana is 8 years old and reads at a 7th grade level. Vinnie is close to college level. He is very smart in computers, math, relegion and music. Oh my gosh! He can play piano and has for many years. He plays the guitar and sings and writes his own music which blows me away!

I am so proud of all my family and I had a wonderful time. I wish I lived closer but for now I will have to rely on an air plane to take me to see them as often as possible. Let me say though, after all my delays and problems getting to and from my destination I think I will pick a different airline than United.

It is always nice to get home. Back to my hubby and my dogs and my creating. I have lots of email to answer, lots of mail to open, lots of house cleaning to catch up on and the holidays are upon us so I need to get creating. Our Etsy Team was interviewed by the local news paper yesterday and they are going to take pictures of our window display tomorrow so I am excited about that. Life is good and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful family and friends including all of you!

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Okay I am off to Las Vegas in the morning where I will visit my oldest son David and his wife Lisa and my two granddaughters Melissa and Angie

On Friday my two other sons will be in from CA to be with me and then I will go back to Anaheim with my middle son D'Angelo and his wife Lori and my grandson Donovan for 3 days and then on to Escondido to stay a couple of days with my baby son Tony and his wife Mica and my grandson Vinnie and granddaughter Abriana.

I will be back on Oct 18th. I am looking forward to this trip so much

Alan is recovering well from surgery.He will see his doctor in Portland on MOnday for a follow up after surgery.

Stay well. I will post when I get back.

Monday, October 5, 2009


The Earth Mother

We are all thankful to our Mother, the Earth, for she gives us all that we need for life.
She supports our feet as we walk about upon her. It gives us joy that she continues to care for us as she has from the beginning of time.

To our Mother, we send greetings and thanks.

Now our minds are one

Photo by Howard Terpning

This was a challenge I did for Digital Whisper last week

Saturday, October 3, 2009


We got home around 7 PM last night. The surgery went well. Doctor took out the mass. It was attached to the lateral rexius muscle of his eye so he couldn't get it all without damaging the muscle but got most of it. It wasn't pressing on the optical nerve so that is good news. He will do a biopsy and if it is a lymphoma they may have to do another surgery or just chemo on that eye. We will know more next week. He is worn out tonight and his eye is very swollen. He did really well through it all.
We should have the path report next week. He will go back to Portland for a follow up on Oct 12th. Doctor said he can drive as soon as he is off of the pain medication.

He also said he could go fishing if someone else reels in the fish. He thinks it would be good therapy for Alan since he enjoys is so much. Our neighbor and Alan's fishing buddy is more than happy to reel in the fish.

I am getting excited about my trip now that this surgery is over. The path report will tell us what is our next move. Hopefully it will be negative and need no chemo. Everyone's prayers have help so far. I feel positive that the out come will be good.

Thanks Everyone
I will keep you posted