Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I have been working constantly on some new tins and a couple of new jars to add to my Etsy Shop.

I have been working constantly on some new tins (a total of 8) . I even created my first shrine and a couple of new jars to add to my Etsy Shop. It took me four days to create and photograph and add to my shop. I only have two left to add.

Then I have been getting ready to create a new Christmas banner for my blog .

I created this Christmas Card for my Son David. He loves it !

I am also almost ready to post a give away here so watch for it tomorrow evening.

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Personal Collage

Recently I had a opportunity to create a 50th class reunion collage for Cheryl over at Healing Woman

She sent me 15 photos of what she wanted on her brochure and explained that she knew nothing about layering but wanted her painting of the women to be transparent and to look like she was remembering her high school years. She also wanted some sort of time piece to show the passage of time. I offered to help her and she sent me her photographs and the brochure that she had done.

Here are her 15 pictures

Painting by Cheryl

This was her brochure when she ask me for help.

This is what I did with all those pictures and I made her women face transparent. She was delighted with it and I was delighted that I could help her out.
What do you think?

Friday, November 25, 2011

Twlight Fanatic

Went to see the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn just before Thanksgiving. I am so hooked on this sage.

Inspires me to create! These are just a few of what I have in mind .

Breaking Dawn

Lost Souls

Leader of the Pack

I will be having a give away this week so keep you eyes out for it.
I will be giving away a couple of my tins as well as one of these digital collages.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Birthday !

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you wonderful blogging friends. Have a safe and happy day.

This is my baby son Tony. He is the youngest of three.
Today is his birthday. He will be graduating from the Seminary in CA in 6 months.
He will then have a degree in theology. Soon he will have his own church.
I am so proud of him. He has struggled and worked and studied very hard over the past few years.
He life's dream is to serve our Lord .
Happy Birthday Tony.
We Love You

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Visit from My Son David from Las Vegas

My oldest son David and his wife Lisa came to visit over the Veterans Day weekend. They have never been to Oregon before so we took them on a tour. Thought you might want to come along :)

We walked along the boardwalk and browsed through some of the shops here.

David and Lisa on the dock of the bay....

Stopped to see the coast guard tug boats.

And the plane that will take you on a tour over the Bay. Lisa is afraid of flying so this little plane was of no interest to her.

McCullough Bridge over the Bay as you come in to North Bend

The railroad bridge that opens when the ships come in to the bay.

We drove to Winchester Bay for lunch and then to the dunes
Alan and I standing in front of the whale watch site above the dunes.

They enjoyed seeing dunes since they both have ATV's and ride in the desert for recreation

More sand in the dunes. David wanted to walk on it to see if it was soft sand. He said it was much different than the sand in the Las Vegas and Arizona desert where ride usually ride their ATV's

Lisa loves light houses so we took her to see this one.
The Umpqua Light house which is still an active light house.

Then we went to Shore Acres which is a beautiful garden covering acres of land. It was Designed as a summer retreat by Louie Simpson and he built a house as a Christmas present for his first wife, Cassie. The house was built 75 feet above the waves in 1906.

The first house burned to the ground and they built another one. When Mr Simpson passed away he donated this beautiful garden and the land to the state of Oregon. Today it is the biggest tourist attraction in the area. At Christmas time the decorate with over 250,000.00 lights. It is amazing and so beautiful. If you look you can see they have already started putting the lights on the bushes and there are all kinds of decorated Christmas trees all over the garden

This is the beach below Shore Acres below the garden.

Usually quiet and secluded and a wonderful place to go if you want peace and quiet.
My friend goes there often when she wants to be alone with God

The next day we headed for Bandon. This is the Coquille Light House. Built in 1800's.
It is no longer active but does have tours during the summer.

David and Me on the steps of the light house.

You can see just how big this light house is here.

A beautiful shot of the sun behind a cloudy sky and the light house in front.

David standing on a rock out there in that nasty water. He just had to scare me!
Get back here David!

The waters were really rough but so beautiful

I love this shot. The water is so beautiful

These are logs that have washed up on the shore.

David and Lisa on the beach at Bandon

They were amazed at the changing of colors on the trees here.
Not to many trees in Vegas unless they are palm or yucca.

Lisa enjoyed shopping in all the shops here in Bandon.
They bought lots of candy at the Cranberry Sweets factory (I didn't get a shot of that) where they make all sorts of cranberry fudge and candy.
She also had fun trying on hats. Cute Lisa :)

Then we headed home and on our way up our lane the neighbors goats were out blocking the road.
Now that is something you don't see in Vegas !

They had a great time and I am pleased as punch that they came to visit.

Hope you enjoyed the tour.