Friday, June 26, 2009


In Memory of two American icons
One an angel that made us smile with her beauty and strength.
The other a King that gave us joy in his entertainment and music that will live forever.
We will miss you but will never forget you.


Tuesday, June 23, 2009


These are two pit bull puppies that live in my neighborhood and it looks like they have taken the throne of the neighborhood on a stump on a hill on my property.

Two months ago our neighbor got these puppies. One a female and one a male. The little girl, Maylee is the black and white puppy seen here in this picture. She is an adorable puppy and seems to be calmer than the black mal,e Yager. Since these two puppies came to live in my neighborhood they have dug up my flower bed numerous times, chewed up things on my porch, ruied a wooden flower pot my best friend gave me about 20 years ago and ran off with my dogs watering dish, terrorized my cat, barked and growled at me and Yager has been seen at least a mile up the road with a rope dragging behind him. The two of them poop all over my yard which I know puppies have to poop but mine have a certain place the go.

I have spoken to the young girl that is the owner of Maylee and ask her to keep an eye on her babies because they could get in to trouble or worse get hurt. She said she would but there had been no change in any of the previoiusly mentioned incidents.

I talked to another young girl at the same address who I think must be the owner of Yager. She seemed very uncaring and mumbled that her puppy was a dumb dog. I told her that she is that puppies mommy right now and she had better watch her baby or he was going to grow up and think that this neighborhood is his territory and then there would be trouble.

I tried to explain that pit bulls got a bad wrap from the people that raise them and that if she would keep an eye on him and train him he would probably grow up to be a pretty good dog but if not she was asking for trouble and fines and maybe even jail tiem depending on what her dog had done, I told her that I was not trying to be mean but that I was concerned about the puppies.

This was two weeks ago and nothing has changed. Yesterday Maylee ran off with my dogs watering bowl again which by the way is about $20.00 to replace because she not only ran off with the bowl but she broke the bottle that is part of the automatic watering system.

I hate to see these puppies get the same bad wrap that many pit bulls get but the way it is heading that is exactly what is going to happen. Not only that but if they do get territorial they just might fight with my dogs who are enclosed on our property with an Invisible Fence. Right now they play together but who knows what will happen to pit bulls that are allowed to run wild.

I called animal control to please come and talk to the owners about this. I feel guilty for doing this but I tried to handle it on my own and nothing happened.

These puppies are about 6 months old and not neutered ot spayed. Maylee has her tags but Yager does not. I have a feeling that the owner being so young does not have the money to get her dog vaccinated for rabies and get his tags. My feeling is that if she can't afford to take care of this puppy she does not deserve to keep him.

The bottom line is I already raised my puppies and went through the digging and chewing phase and I don't think I should have to go through this again with someone else's puppies.

I need some feed back on this. Let me know your feelings please.

Monday, June 22, 2009


Okay I found a new filter in photoshop and this is the results
I call her Fancy.
She will be an ACEO and available in my Etsy Shop soon

Sunday, June 14, 2009


In honor of my Daddy who's birthday is today. I have created this digital collage. I lost my Daddy in 1957. I was only 7 years old and he was only 34 years old. He would have been 88 years old today.

This was his favorite song.
So in honor of his birthday and Father's Day on Sunday ....

Love you Daddy and I miss you!

Friday, June 12, 2009


Congratulations Marie, you have won the prize for my 500th post giveaway!
I hope you enjoy the box made especially for the winner. YOU!

Thanks to all of you who signed up. It is because of you that I have 500 posts, actually 510 today!
I love you all and thanks again for participating in my giveaway.

Go check out Marie's site and see all of her wonderful Vintage Postcards.
They are great!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


This is my friend Mollye Self from Shezadoosey
She sent me a message about this unusual swap and I wanted to share it with all of you

Hey Ladies...............Wanna Play?

Just pick your BFF as your partner and get started.
Here's How.........

Just cut and paste the rules to your blog. If you're playing by email you send it as an attachment and enclose the two names with address and shoe size in the body of the email or if you are playing by snail mail you make a copy of the rules and actually fill in the two boxes by putting your name in the #1 spot and your partner's name (Patti Koosed size 7) in the #2 spot with your addresses and shoe size (very important).

You then either email or snail mail to 6 of your other friends and
watch the magic happen.

When you have sent it to 6 ladies, and they have
sent it to 6 of their friends you will begin to receive through the good old
US Mail your flip-flops and when all is said and done you will have
36 new pair of Flip-Flops to begin your summer and will only have bought 1 pair!

Now is this a sweet deal and fun swap or what?
Remind your friends to let you know if they cannot play or it will break the cycle and
fun for the rest who do want to swap!


My comment to Mollye was "What am I going to do with 36 pair of flip flops"

I guess I can donate the ones I don't use or give them to my granddaughters but I agreed to participate in this fun sounding swap so If you are interested follow the instructions and have fun. It was suggested that they can also be altered or decorated and I know some of you are really talented and have great creativity so HAVE FUN!!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Well turn that number around and that is what I am today. 61 years old.
I don't feel 61 years old! I can't believe I am 61 years old!

I miss my Mother calling me on my birthday. She used to always turn the numbers around so when she was 82 she said she was 28 . Funny lady. Her birthday is exactly one week from mine and she would have been 84 this year. My baby brother was born on her 37th birthday and my Father's birthday June 19th, my middle son June 22nd, my oldest grandson June 2nd, my niece and my aunt June 27th. So you can see June is a big birthday month in my family.

My dear husband got me this beautiful card.

and tickets to see Clint Black who will be here in Coos Bay in August. What a sweet guy.

On a sad note. I read that David Carradine passed away today. Hung himself in Thailand. I admired him as an actor. He always seemed so sincere and down to earth. I am sure he will be missed by his many fans and his family. Rest in Peace David.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


These little guys are my newest creations for the Comfort Doll Project.

I am so honored to receive this award from my new friend Carole at (Art Plus) readingsully2
Thanks Carole!
I am supposed to pick 15 lovely blogs to forward this on to but in looking through some of my favorite blogs I think they have already received it so if you are reading this and you have not received it please take and put it on your blog because your blog is LOVELY. I love you all!!! xoxoxox