Monday, March 31, 2008


This morning there was a hummingbird trapped in our garage. He was trying to get through the glass on the window. Our cat was watching very inquisitively (and licking his lips). The little bird was so tired from trying to get through the glass that he finally sit on the window sill. My dear sweet husband got the net we use to clean the leaves out of the hot tub and quietly spoke to the little bird saying " It is OK, i am only trying to help you" He slowly put the net near the bird and the hummingbird got on the net and my husband very slowly took him near the garage door opening and the little bird flew away.

It all happened so fast I did not have time to take pictures but wanted to share this with you. Sweet huh?

Sunday, March 30, 2008


Ok, ok...I just learned how to change design on my blog page from my daughter in law. I hate to bother her in her busy life just to experiment, so now I can do it all on my own.

I need your opinion...Do you like my banner something like this or would you rather see a BARN since I am Treasure Barn?

Patricia Creations is what I have called all of my computer generated greeting cards for years so that is where that came from. Soon I will be creating more and put them on Etsy in sets of 4.

Also, this weekend I will be making my surprises for those 2 people that commented on my post "Pay it Forward" started by Nita over and Red Tin Heart.

Have a wonderful Sunday!

Friday, March 28, 2008


IN THE HEAT OF THE KITCHEN is my Granddaughter Melissa's Blog. She will be graduating from
Le Cordon Bleu Collage of Culinary Arts in Las Vegas in May. I am so proud of her. Hopefully she will be sharing some of her recipes with us through this blog.

Welcome to the blogging world my sweetie.
I Love You

Also want to thank my daughter in law Mica for this "You Make My Day" Award.
Love You

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I have had many inquiries about how to do transfers. My friend Cyndi at Layers Upon Layers gave tips on this procedure along with many other wonderful tips. Click on the link to discover all of her wonderful ideas. She has many teaching techniques online. I find her blog very informative and interesting. She has done some really neat things. I am thrilled that she posted my transfer on her blog! Take a look.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


This is the first transfer I have tried.
I can tell it is going to take alot of practice.

The transfer is in the middle of the page, right below the middle of the fan in white, the image of 2 children's faces almost cheek to cheek.
Also on the bottom left of the page, a large black butterfly.

It was tricky but I think with a little practice this could be a very creative thing.

I will use this as another page in my altered book and call it "Little Faces".

I also want to thank Lori Garbarino for giving me this Daily Dose Award. What a surprise!
Thanks Lori Loo !!
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Saturday, March 22, 2008


This tells it all.

Happy Easter to all of you!

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Ok, I am naming this collage "UNDECIDED". I don't know what else to name it.
If you have any ideas please leave them in a comment.

I just threw some things together including the background that was offered by Thrifty Collage Artist. She had some of her art on her blog in several different stages and offered them to anyone that wanted to used them so this makes this piece altered art.
Thanks Suzan for your inspiration.

I will be working on my transfer piece today.

Happy Saturday!
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Friday, March 21, 2008


OK I am in the creating mood again.
I will try to do one collage page for my altered book and then I am going to try to do a transfer.

The sun is shining today! Wow, have not seen that guy for awhile.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 15, 2008


I am 3/4 Irish. My maiden name was Gale. Generations ago it was O'Gale but the O was dropped over the years.

My Father's last name was Gale and his Mother, my Grandmother's maiden name was Cassidy.

Top o the mornin' to ya !

Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Ok, I am back and one of the first things I see is an award from Jeannene at Love Conqures All.

Ironically, we both had tragedy in our lives at the same time. Her with the news of her daughter and me losing my Mother. We just have to have faith in the Lord and he will pull us through.

Thanks for the award Jeannene.

Saturday, March 8, 2008


32 YEARS OLD 1957

I just want to say how very important it is to stay close to all family members. During this past 2 weeks I saw cousins I have not seen in over 45 years. It is so sad that it takes a death to bring families close again. Life is so full of everyday living that we don't realize how much time has past. I cannot tell you how wonderful it was to see the entire family together supporting and praying and caring for one another.

My Mother was of a wonderful generation and now she is survived by only one sister from that generation, her sister Sara. It is so sad to think that her generation will be gone soon.

Tomorrow will be very hard for me because I called my Mother every Sunday at 5PM and she will not be there to talk to . I can say that there was nothing left unsaid, she knew I loved her and I know she loved me. I have made a vow that instead I will call my Aunt Sara and also my Aunt Margie who was my Mother's sister-in--law and who also lost her husband, my Mothers brother and my Uncle, just a few months ago.

I want to encourage all of you to stay in touch with you families. Life is shorter than we realize.

Life goes on until we can be together again in the Kingdom of Heaven with our Lord. I am certain she is there with all our family that has passed and at last in peace.

Thanks to all of you, both friends and family for all of your prayers and support. I love you all.
God Bless You

In closing I will say that I have many thank you cards to send and over 300 email's to answer but I will be back on the blogging scene soon.

I also want to share with you of a very sweet thing that happened. On the night Mom passed away I returned with my niece Mandy to her home and inside her home her dear husband, Grant and their two little girls were sitting in the dark praying. Addy the oldest of the two girls (7 years old) said to me "Aunt Patti, I want you to pray with me" so I knelt down with her as she prayed..."Dear Lord, I want to send a text message to Grandma Great and tell her I am so happy she is in heaven and can see and jump and run and climb trees and scream. I love her and I will miss her, Thank You Jesus" I was so touched by this childs innocence it made me chuckle and cry at the same time. What a thing to remember....I guess I could just Text Message my Mom tomorrow huh?

Thursday, March 6, 2008


I want to thank all of you for your prayers and support through my pain. It means so much to me.

I lost my Mother on February 25
th, 2008. She was hospitalized for congestion in her lungs, chills and fever but after 3 days her organs failed. First her lungs, then her heart and last her kidneys. She suffered with diabetes for many years and had diabetic eyes for the past 10 years which left her legally blind.She also had fibrosis of the lungs since her childhood.

Three days before she passed she was able to talk to her grandson, my son
D'Angelo on the phone and in her weak voice told him she loved him and to take care of himself. D'Angelo was very supportive to me even though his heart was breaking. We talked everyday and I know he felt he needed to be there with his two brothers, David and Tony to support me and how very hard it was for him to be so far away but he wanted to remember his Grandma the way she was the last time he saw her.

Even though he and his family were not there in person, they were certainly there in my heart. I want to thank all three of my son's and their families for all the support they gave me through this very difficult time. They were all very close to their Grandmother.

I don't know how to thank my niece Mandy for all she did for me. I don't know what I would have done if she had not been there when I arrived at the airport. I was so shaken and I could not think straight or finish a sentence or even write. It was very hard to make decisions about the funeral not to mention going into the men's restroom at the funeral home and trying to pay for dinner with my drivers license. I could not stop shaking and I was a mess. My dear husband came out the day before the funeral and was my rock from then on.

She struggled for every breath in the last 3 days of her life. It was so hard for all of us to see her that way. On the morning she passed away all of her family was there at her bedside. As my two brothers and I held her hand I put my cheek to hers and whispered in her ear that we were all there and that we all loved her and that she was the best Mom ever and that she needed to take God's hand and let him take her home. I told her I loved her very much and not to worry and that it was
OK to go with God. At that moment her eyes opened and a tear drop fell to her cheek and I could feel her body relax and she was gone.

I will miss my Mom so very much but I feel so blessed to have had her for 82 years with a sound mind to the end . She was so alert and full of stories of her life. She was not crippled from a stroke or lost to
Alzheimer's, she was sound.

Not to long ago my brother gave her a tape recorder and ask her to just talk about her life whenever she got bored. She did and that will be such a treat to listen to because she had so many stories to tell. She had a hard life but a good life full of love and caring for everyone.

The church was filled with family and friends and my son David and my niece
Cassidy put together a video of her life with pictures of different phases of her life and favorite songs to go with the phases.

Her Great Grandchildren sang "Jesus Loves Me" and as hard as it was I gave a short Eulogy which is added below.

We had the "Dove Release" at the grave side. I am so happy we decided to do that. It was a beautiful way to say good bye. There was the single dove representing my Mothers spirit which was passed around for all to touch before it was given back to me to release. Then there were 4 baskets with 10 doves in each released by her grandchildren and great grandchildren representing the angles flying with her to heaven. It was just wonderful. I had held it together until I had to release her spirit but I know she is in heaven now with a healthy body and she can see again and I am at peace now. She sits beside Our Lord now and what a wonderful place to be.


Eulogy by Patti Koosed

Thank you all for coming today.

Mom would be surprised to see just how many of you are here because she never thought anyone liked her. No matter what she didn't take compliments very well but before she passed away I ask her if she knew just how much she was loved and she said yes.

She was such a caring person all of her life. She cared for everyone and some she cared for too much but always iwth good intentions.

When she was young she cared for the Owen Family, Woody and Jean and their children, Karen, John, Pete and Marilee working her way through high school. Later in life as a Nursing Assistant, she cared for her patients at Mercy and Samaritan Hospitals and the nursing homes. She cared for her Mother and for her husband Ervin in the last years of their lives. She loved all of her family and was proud of each and every one of them.

She also thought so much of her dear friends, Candy, Karen, June and Hilma. You all were such support to her in her later years.

It is so hard to let go of my Mom but we are so lucky to have had her for 82 years with a sound mind.

The wonderful stories she told us all will keep her with us forever.

Rest In Peace, Mamma, We Love You

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

This is Mica, Patti's Daughter -in -Law. We just got home from a long emotional week with Patti's Mom, (Gramma Grape). Patti's Mom passed away last Monday with all of her family at her bedside. Patti leaned over her mother a moment before she was taken by the Lord and told her it was okay to go home.. in the loving embrace of her daughter and her two sons and all her grandchildren and great grandchildren around her bedside she opened her eyes and looked up with a tear in her eye.. the Lord took her home at that moment.
The service was held at her Church on Saturday, completely full and emotionally heartbreaking, yet a peace in all our hearts, that she has a new body and will await her family in heaven. Patti is still going to have a long road ahead.. Tony ( her Son) and I spent everyday with her, helping her through.. but had to leave her on Sunday.
Please continue to pray for her and her heart to mend some. She has to pack up her mom's belongings this week, which can be very difficult to sort through. She could really use some encouraging words when she comes home later this week. I just wanted to let you all know what was going on.. she will be back here as soon as she can... though she is hurting, she is also a very strong person..she just needs time and lots of LOVE !!!