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This is my great granddaughter at the park feeding the ducks

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We never made it to the follow up appointment because in less than a week he had a fever again. He was admitted once again for an infection in his kidney. He was in the hospital for 4 days and in my opinion not ready to be released but another unfamiliar hospitalist came in to his room before lunch and said he could go home.I had an uneasy feeling as I can tell when my husband is well and his confusion told me that he was not ready to go home. I ask the hospitalist if he was serious and he said "sure, why not, we are just waiting for his creatine to drop more and he can do that at home".
I was shocked and speechless but we got the discharged papers and went home.

Within 12 hours we were back at Bay Area Emergency Room with a dangerously low blood pressure, high heart rate and septic shock. They had trouble getting his blood pressure to come up and gave him a strong dose of a drug IV that had possible serious side effects that could stop his heart so now they are asking me if he has a DNR or an Advance Directive. They had to put him in the Intensive Care Unit so they could keep a close eye on him.

What is a hospitalist? Well I ask that question when I reported this doctor that had discharged my husband too early.


hos·​pi·​tal·​ist | \ ˈhä-(ˌ)spi-tə-list \

Definition of hospitalist

: a physician who specializes in treating hospitalized patients of other physicians in order to minimize the number of hospital visits by other physicians

In my opinion this is a bad thing. In all the times we were at the any of the hospitals we had a different hospitalist everyday! How can one learn to know the patient with just a 10 minute visit once?!
While he was in the ICU I spent the night even though it was local. I was very concerned about his condition. The next day his blood pressure came down but his creatinine levels were going up a bit but he was starting to feel better however, he was still very confused. . His doctor told him if the creatinine got to 5 it was time for dialysis. They were 4.2 at this time.  They said he had another infection in that kidney that has the nephrostomy tube . The goal was to keep him on antibiotics IV and watch his progress over a few days. I went home the next night and when I returned found that he had crawled over the bed rail to go to the bathroom and got the tube caught on the edge of a table and pulled it out! Now how in the world did that happen in ICU? His nephrologist at Riverbend Hospital ask the nephrologist here to please try to put the tube back in and curl it inside the kidney so it would stay more stable. He tried but was unsuccessful.

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All of the tests came back and they said he had another infection in that Right kidney that doesn't empty. This time they transported him to Riverbend Hospital in Eugene Oregon, 3 hours away. He was admitted and saw his Urologist, the surgeon that removed his bladder and his neuphrologist the next morning. They discussed the issue and decided to put in a tube from the kidney that extended outside his body and out his back so that it could drain in to a bag that was attached. It was done in the radiology department and took about an hour. He was returned to his room and was there for three days with IV antibiotics. He seemed to be improving so they sent him home with follow up in a week and visits from a home health care nurse once a week. We didn't make it a week. Within 5 days his fever was back and the confusion which makes it so hard to care for him. He becomes stubborn and cranky. A clue that he is confused for just one example is that he tried to brush his teeth with the digital thermometer and was about to put nose drops in his eyes when I noticed and stopped him.

This time however, I was able to get him in the car and drive him to Bay Area Hospital here locally so we didn't need the ambulance but the ER wait is atrocious! 8 hours for more test results to come in before they decide what to do. More IV antibiotics and more questions which were answered the other times we were there. I wonder sometimes why the hospital can't read the information posted throughout all of his visits to the hospital. The same questions as to what his symptoms are and what medications is he on and it is really hard to explain when the patient acts like his is senile when in fact he has a high fever and is dehydrated and confused.

It is a BIG pet peeve of  mine. In watching the doctors, nurses and any employee that enters the hospital; including the housekeeping department, spend more time on the computer entering all that they do while with the patient than with the patient and that is fact. He was once again admitted for another infection in that right kidney and spent another four days in the hospital. When they discharged  him his blood count was okay and his urine showed no more infection so they sent him home with oral antibiotic (Cipro) and told him to follow up with this surgeon in a week.

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This blog was created back in 2007 and was used to share thoughts, ideas and life.
It sort of got lost in all the art projects I am involved in. I have missed posting about life and believe me it has been hard this past year. Having a journal to write down my concerns and frustrations would have been a good thing for me so I am going to use this blog as my journal.

I think the last post I did as a journal was a few years back when my husband had shingles and it went to his brain causing encephalitis which caused a coma and 10 days in the hospital in Portland 4 hours away from home. It also caused a near fatal accident when the medication he was taking caused him to fall asleep at the wheel.

My husband was diagnosed with bladder cancer in April of 2017 and could have had chemo and radiation but because he has stage 3 renal failure (another chapter I didn't post) the risk was too grave so he had his bladder removed on June 7th 2017. 

The surgery went well but they didn't get all the cancer. He still has some in the ureter and the skin is too thin to do radiation so he is on Immuno therapy infusion. The drug is known and Ketruda and the side affects are a mile long but the good news is that when we saw the infusion tech she said that they had no report of any of the listed side affects in seven years. Good news, we don't need any more bad news.

All of this called for me to step up as his Care Giver. I had no idea what this would entail but I soon found out.

Two weeks after his bladder was removed he came down with an infection in his left kidney and had a high fever. When he has a fever he becomes dehydrated and with this comes confusion and hallucinations. When this happens it is a sure thing that he has an infection somewhere in his body.

In the middle of the night I found him standing in the middle of our bedroom confused and lost. With much effort I got him back to bed and called an ambulance to take him to the Emergency Room.  There was no way I could get him down the stairs to take him to the hospital myself.

After waiting in the ER for 5 hours for results of blood work, urinalysis, Xray and CAT scan results it was determined that his left kidney was not emptying and he had an infection. He was admitted to Bay Area Hospital here locally and treated with IV antibiotics for 4 days and released. He seemed to feel better but by the end of the week he had a fever again. Dehydrated and confused I again called the ambulance to come take him to the ER and brace myself for more endless hours of waiting.


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