Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Happy Birthday My Darling

Today is my husband birthday.

He started with a gift from me. Then we went to breakfast where he had crepes with logan berries on top. Logan berries are imported from Sweden. They look like tiny cranberries and taste very much like them also.

Then our waitress brought him a homemade biscuit with strawberries and whipped cream on top.
We had a quiet dinner of salmon at home with home made black berry cobbler and I also made his favorite cranberry oatmeal cookies.....Too much sugar to day but he loves all of these things so once a year won't hurt.

He is such a special husband. He is so good to me and helps me in so many ways. He does a lot of the shopping and he always fixes breakfast and cleans up afterwards. He always empties the dishwasher and helps around the house.

All of these things were so considerate and helpful while I was working and now that I am retired he is still helping. He is so considerate that when I told him I was going to make his favorite cookies for his birthday he said "Why don't we just buy the dough already made so you won't have to work?"

He is really supportive to my new blogging, collage, clay art experience. He is proud of all I do and that makes me feel so good.

He has glaucoma and is having problems seeing as good as he used to but his health otherwise is pretty good. I am so thankful for him and our love just grows and grows.

Happy Birthday My Darling. I Love You!