Saturday, September 21, 2013


I saw my surgeon this week and he said I look good and am doing great. He wants me to take it slow and gradually get back to all my normal activities over the next 6 weeks. I will have to take a beta blocker for the rest of my life but I do have a healthy heart now.

I ask him just how close I was to death the day I arrived at Oregon Cardiovascular Center. He said that I was right there. If the procedure of placing that balloon in my heart to keep the pressure off until he could operate had not worked, there would have been nothing he could do.

Those words sent chills through me. I don't remember anything after I was put in the ambulance here to be taken to the airport and flown to Eugene. I was so scared so I am sure they gave me something to calm me down. It is such a strange feeling to know that there were 4 days gone from my memory. It is probably a good thing though.

I think back about that day I had my heart attack and I am so blessed to have made it to the doctors office before it happened. I was having lots of pain but it only became unbearable after I got to the doctors office.
God was with me, I just know it. He tried to warn me for a couple of months but I was in denial of the symptoms I was having. I absolutely believe in angels and I know there was one with me in the ICU.

I am so blessed that I was given a second chance at life. God loves me enough to keep me here for a while longer. I look at things differently now and I when I find myself complaining about something I have come to realize that hey, I am alive and I have nothing to complain about.

God is good, angels are all around us and prayer is so powerful.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Hello friends
I wanted to let you know that I am feeling great since my open heart surgery.
I am doing Cardiac Rehab twice a week and have another month to go. It is nothing like Zumba which I miss very much. I expect to return by November but I am hearing that open heart patients do not completely recover for a year!! I will take what I can get.  I just feel so amazing and have so much energy and want to use it all but I know I have to take it easy, after all my heart just went through a very traumatic thing.

I will be seeing the Cardiac PA here in Coos Bay on Friday and then my surgeon on the 18th so I will know more then but I am hoping I can at least get my driving privileges back and be able to soak in a hot tub!

I am however, doing my normal house cleaning and laundry and cooking now and without any problems. My incision is healing and the bruising is almost gone. I have some pinching sensation now and then but rehab says that is my sternum healing.

I am back to creating new tins for my Etsy Shop Altered State of Tin and getting stocked up for the holidays.
I am back full time with my Artist Network, Digital Whisper and I my creative juices are flowing.

 This is a piece I did for my Things with Wings" Challenge

Anyway I am feeling better and hope you are all okay too.
This was a piece I did just because my creative juices are flowing right now
"Lady in the Garden"