Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Vintage Rooster Basket

This vintage rooster wicker basket is from the 1950's.
He is about 7 inches tall. I used it for a napkin holder.
He is in excellent condition and is this weeks featured item.
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Thursday, March 1, 2007

Come Home while the sun is still shining

Recently my middle son D'Angelo & his wife Lori & my 5 year old grandson Donovan moved from Las Vegas, NV to Anaheim, CA. The heat in Vegas was just to much especially since my son works as an electrician & did most of his work outside in sometimes 108 degree heat.

My grandson was really happy to move to CA to be near his "other" Grandma & his cousin Miranda. "He calls her his sister they are so close. While in Las Vegas his Mommy worked as the ER manager at in one of the bigger hospitals & put in quite a number of long hours taking away precious time from Donovan. This put stress on the family also. Since moving to CA she is now working at a doctors office and has much better hours. She told me that today when she dropped Donovan off at school that he said a prayer this is how it went:

"Dear Lord, please let Mommy come get me while the sun is still shinning, Amen." This is just one the funny things that my little Donovan said. He has such a wonderful since of humor & that comes from his Mommy. She is a very "fun" Mommy and makes Donovan a very happy child. I have a funny feeling that she makes my son a very happy Father also.

Even though they are far away Lori makes sure I am kept up on all the funny things Donovan says and I appreciate that so much. Thanks Lori, I miss you all so very much.