Monday, September 27, 2010


In November I will become a Great Grandmother for the first time. I am so excited about this little baby.
She will be named Ava June. Today I made this collage to put on a card that is going in a box along with numerous items that baby Ava will need. The image of a baby on the right of the card is actually a photo of Ava's Mommy when she was 6 months old.

Here is the card.

Next month is her Mommy's birthday. You remember my granddaughter Melissa? The one that came to visit me here in Coos Bay? Well she loves mermaids and anything that has to do with the ocean.

I made this collage which hangs at the moment in my space at the mini mall but I made it with her in mind so I made a birthday card for her using a print of the collage. The collage background is fabric and the image is paper embellished with glitter and the pearls on her hair are real cultured pearls.
It measures 12 x 14 in it's wooden frame which is also embellished with aqua pearls on the corners.

Here is the card embellished with ric a rac.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Here is the photo we were given to make a "Skinny" with.

This is called a "Skinny".
Skinny because it is 4 x 8 inches

Saturday, September 18, 2010


The Digital Whisper Challenge for this week was the picture of a lighthouse.This is what I did with it.
I used a photo of a huge wave that was sent to me in email awhile back for the background.
Layered the lighthouse onto it and added the mermaid artist unknown. I embellised it with Anika Von Holdt brushes in blues and greens and used the lens flare filter to make the light in the lighthouse shine.
This piece actually has 4 layers.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Yeah Steampunk is the craze right now so thought I would take a shot.
How many of you have created a steampunk piece?

Saturday, September 11, 2010


This is a challenge I did on Digital Whisper last year. It says it all.
We will remember. Let us pray for America and all the families that lost loved ones to terrorists on this very said day


My friend and Etsy Team buddy Pamela Boatright just returned from a vacation in Paris. She brought this vintage post card back just for me. How thoughtful and sweet. I love it !!!
Thanks Pamela

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I have decided that is time for me to feature some of the wonderful talented artist I have met out there.
All with amazing talent. So this week my pick is

Gar-boodles Soup creates folk art dolls, pin cushions and aprons. This artist is very creative and talented both with her art and with the way she raises her children.

Go check out her blog

The Child's Paper to see what she is up to.

This artist is also my daughter in law.

Meet Mica Garbarino.
The person that inspired me years ago to create a blog and to make my first mixed media collage.
Thanks Mica, I love you !

Birthdays and Book Covers

This weeks challenge on Digital Whisper we were to make a book cover. The book was written by Caryl Wyatt and is her story of living with an abusive husband and how she survived. The name of the book is "Look Me In The Eye"

This is the picture Caryl provided for us to use. This is a picture of Caryl that was not used by the publishers of her book. So I took this picture....

Used this background along with Anika von Holdt brushes and
an image of a transparent butterfly on a flower...

And this is the book cover I created.

Today my dear hubby turned 70 years old. Happy Birthday Darlin'

Our puppies turned 5 years old today. Look how cute they were back in 2005

Cute little pink feet and pink tummys and back then they both fit on the same little bed.

To get an idea of how small they were here is a picture of them with our cat.

Here they are today. They both weigh 120 lbs.

Just had to share this photo with you. This is Sampson and he constantly makes us laugh. He is a character for sure. I gave them some salmon for their birthday and here he is licking the platter clean. They both love salmon.

He loved it so much he just put his head right down on the plate as if to say that all I get Mom?

Hope you all had a great holiday!

Saturday, September 4, 2010


This week I completed a few challenges I have had on my desk for about a month.

First of all I want to show you our space at the Tree House Mini Mall. It is looking better all the time.
Unfortunately there have been some of our things disappear. One in particular was a very large blown cobalt blue glass bowl with a rippled edge. It appears that it has been stolen as has a very expensive antique phone from the booth next to ours. I don't know if I mentioned that when we rented this space part of the agreement was that each tenant has to work 8 hours a month just walking around to make sure nothing gets out the door without being paid for. Hummm. There are many spaces and lots of us are walking around so how did these items get out the door? We have to do the 8 hours plus rent and 12% of what we sell.

We are having second thoughts about this. We did hear that the place has been sold so it will have new owners soon. I hate to move out since I have waited for three years for a space to open up in any antique mall here in town and it is so much work to get everything tagged and unpacked and the shelving put up. Say a prayer for us.

I joined two ATC Swaps for this month. One on Creative Souls and One on Blissful ATC's so here are the two ATC's .

The theme on this one was "Leaves"

The theme on this one was "Wonderful Words"

I have gotten behind in my Comfort Doll Project so I made three little dolls and sent them off.