Sunday, July 29, 2007

Running out of water?

Well this week we had a water shortage. We actually ran out of water! We have a natural spring and we thought the water was running into a pond above our shop up on the mountain side. That pond got very low and caused us to run out of water. Scary? Yes it was! First we moved the pipe leading from the pond to the middle of the pond and then we had water again but the water in the pond should not have been as low as it was.

My husband being the protector of our property that he is, did some investigating and found that we had another reserve. In fact he found 2 reserves cased in cement and the water in those incasements were running off into the pond. We think that the pipes leading from the incased reserve may be blocked or cracked.

Nonetheless he has bypassed the pond and is in the process of directing the natural spring water directly to our house. He has also purchased and placed behind our barn, a 2500 gallon water tank so we can direct the water from the reserve to that tank so that we can actually have a reserve in addition to the oodles of water we really do have.

This is a picture of the tank on our truck. It is huge! So after all that we do have plenty of fresh natural spring water.

I guess the moral to this story is never take water for granted! No matter where it comes from.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The eyes have it!

Well I finally did it. I got contacts!

After 3 years of irritating glasses that just didn't seem to help, I went to see the eye doctor.
Along with the blurred vision while wearing my glasses that I got from a doctor in California, I also had a problem with what I thought was a floater.

For those of you that do not know about floaters they are little things that float around in your eyes sometimes causing the sensation of bugs flying around and sometimes like little pieces of lint floating around. Everyone gets them as they age.

A few weeks ago I had flashes of light in the corner of my right eye and then it seems as if one of those floaters became very large and was obstructing my vision in that eye. This and the fact that my glasses we not helping lead me to make an appointment.

The doctor told me that the bi-focal in my glasses was placed incorrectly and was right in the middle of my pupil. What! Yes, the doctor in California had made my glasses with the bi-focal right in the middle of my glasses. No wonder my vision was not good.

The doctor then ask me if I had ever considered contacts. Well yes I had but the other doctor had never offered them to me, I thought that it was because at the young age of 38 I had cataracts in both eyes and had to have them removed and implant lens put in both eyes. The cataracts were caused from to much sun. I lived in Las Vegas at the time and laid out to get tan and the doctor said that is probably what caused it being I was so young.

She did the exam and told me that I had a large piece of calcium that had torn away from the back of my eye and when it tore is when I saw the light in the corner of my eye. She said that it would eventually break up and not be so noticeable and that I would probably have the same thing in my other eye. She said that this normal and that it happens to everyone at some point in their older years.

My implants are fine, eye pressure is good so I am now wearing contacts for distance. I will only need to wear reading glasses for close up. I must say, things are looking pretty clear tonight. THE EYES HAVE IT.

Thought I would share this information with all of you so if you get these symptoms you won't panic.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Lord and I

My Lord and I

Walk down the road,

And, side by side,

We share the load.

He understands if I should cry;

We're more than friends,

My Lord and I.

He lights the way

When it grows dark

Until it's day

Within my heart.

He claps His hands

If I shoud smile;

We're more than friends,

My Lord and I.

Pat Mallory

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My First Art Work

While Mica was here visitng she taught me how to do a collage.
She also showed me how to use clay.
These are my FIRST!!

The collage tag is made of pieces that Mica had on hand. Kind of cute huh?

The collage card is for Whispers of Inspiration, Vickie for her inspiration to give it a try.

It is in the mail Vickie!

This is my "Red Dragonfly" which I teasingly call the dragonfly turtle because the face looks like a turtle.

Here they are all first art work! I am anxious to do more. Now I understand how all of you wonderful artists get hooked on this stuff. It is Great!!

I know, I need practice but it was fun and I will keep practicing.
What fun!!

Good Visit

My son Tony and his family visited us this past week.

We shopped at numerous antique shops and book stores.

We went to the Umpqua Lighthouse in Reedsport

My gorgeous granddaughter Bri on July 4th as we celebrated with dinner and watched the fireworks on Coos Bay

My handsome grandson Vinnie on the Bandon harbor

My wonderful son Tony and my amazing daughter-in-law Mica

We did collages and worked with clay.
Mica and had a good visit and Mica showed how she does her famous doll faces. We had numerous barbecue dinners such as hamburgers, hot dogs, ribs, steak and a sausage potato dish which Mica referred to as "interesting" We had pizza and of course we blogged. I enjoyed seeing my grandchildren and how smart they and talented they are. Very well mannered children. I hated to see them go but I sure did enjoy them while they were here. I really enjoyed the talks with my son. He is such a bright young man and of course I am so proud of him for what he has accomplished in his life and of the GREAT daddy he is.


Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July

Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July

Remember the soliders that are fighting today, for the indenpendence of our wonderful country. May God bring them home soon to their families.

God Bless America