Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Beautiful Oregon

A trip to Eugene last Friday ended up being a horrible 3 hour drive home.
It rained really hard all the way and it was dark and foggy visibility was not good but.....

The following are some gorgeous photos of some of the many scenery on the way up to Eugene :)

This is the beautiful Umqua River
Goes all the way from Coos Bay to Drain Oregon where we go toward the freeway

Yep it looked like rain alright

This was a shot I could not pass up

Looks like the eye of the storm.


slommler said...

Beautiful scenery Patti!! Love the cloud shots!! Fabulous!!

artistamyjo said...

Beautiful photo's Patti.
Glad you made it home safely.
It is snow & freezing rain today.
Closed my blinds, just don't want to look at it!!
Hugs, Amy

Salzanos said...

Gorgeous shots! We all need to take time to just breath and enjoy simple pleasures of scenes like this, praise God!!