Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Birthdays and Book Covers

This weeks challenge on Digital Whisper we were to make a book cover. The book was written by Caryl Wyatt and is her story of living with an abusive husband and how she survived. The name of the book is "Look Me In The Eye"

This is the picture Caryl provided for us to use. This is a picture of Caryl that was not used by the publishers of her book. So I took this picture....

Used this background along with Anika von Holdt brushes and
an image of a transparent butterfly on a flower...

And this is the book cover I created.

Today my dear hubby turned 70 years old. Happy Birthday Darlin'

Our puppies turned 5 years old today. Look how cute they were back in 2005

Cute little pink feet and pink tummys and back then they both fit on the same little bed.

To get an idea of how small they were here is a picture of them with our cat.

Here they are today. They both weigh 120 lbs.

Just had to share this photo with you. This is Sampson and he constantly makes us laugh. He is a character for sure. I gave them some salmon for their birthday and here he is licking the platter clean. They both love salmon.

He loved it so much he just put his head right down on the plate as if to say ...is that all I get Mom?

Hope you all had a great holiday!


slommler said...

I had a great holiday!! I worked on an art project all day! Ha! I am totally in love with your book cover. Well done, sweetie! It is gorgeous! Happy Birthday to your sweet husband!! He is looking mighty fine.
And the puppies...oh my! I just love them. He sure did love that salmon!! Ha!

DeeDee said...

Hi Patti

Well I signed up for your ATC swap then realized the date on the post lol....thanks for visitng me today and please the door is always open..your digital creations including this book cover are all inpsiring.....I am a material girl myself...but love love the looks of so much fun....

thanks again for letting me take a look see..cute cute furbabies too..love that fish too..wowsers.

JANN said...

Those two are so cute and look how they have grown. Love your digital book cover too. you are always so creative.

Bevie said...

My they were so cute when they were little, but I think they are very handsome now!!! You can tell they are very happy by just looking at them...Good momma!!!