Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Okay it has been too long since I had an ATC swap. So lets swap for Valentine's Day!

Come play with me.

Sign up by leaving a comment, your name and address and I will partner you off in one week. If you would rather send your address to me in an email my email address is

Deadline will be February 10th, just in time to get to you by Valentine's Day.

Happy Creating!!

This was one of my first collages created a couple of years ago. Funny what you think when you go back and look at some of your first work.


Anonymous said...

A swap sounds like fun! Count me in.

Mica said...

I will play with ya Mama... I did last year!!! Love ya and miss ya! Mica

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti!
I surely will be in.. Yes, Mica was in last yr.. I have it hanging about 10" away from my head as I type. I just love it!
Please put me in.
Hugs, Darlene xo said...

Hi Patti nice to hear from you.
Sorry I cnt be in the swap this time but later.
I will be away from home from about 28th Jan to 10th Feb, and no chance to do before. Next time thanks.

June said...

Hi Patti, yep why not. it sounds like fun :) will email address

Canace said...

Hi Patti,

Nice to hear from you.

I have a question though... is this going to be for ATC's that are Valentine themed or can it be anything?

If it's 'anything' then I'm in. :o)

Glycérine said...

Hi Patti,
What a good idea :)
Thanks for asking me.. I m ok for the swap :)
Glycerine xxx

whymsicalmusings said...

I'm in Patty thanks for thinking of me:)

MinervasMadness said...

I'm special theme, correct? Will email my address to you. xxoxoo

PROLIX said...


Merci a lot!!!

Never did that, merci a lot for the invite, I am very excited!!!


I e-mail you my addy.

Bonne journée!!!


Kersten said...

Count me in - I'll email you my address! :) How many ATCs are we sending? Thanks!


Jane said...

Patti, my email to you came back as undeliverable! If not too late to join the ATC swap, please email me:

Bevie said...

I"m in if it's not too late!!!!

bwagnitz97 said...

Sweet Patti, I would love to be a part of your ATC swap.
My address is: Bernice Wagnitz
240 Gargantua Ave, Clawson, MI 48017-1820