Saturday, January 24, 2009


Well this past week I have been pretty busy with a new technique for my collages.

I had planned to do just a couple to see what the results would be...

The results were so pleasing that I couldn't stop!.....

I have discovered a new technique to use for my collages that has got me really excited! Thanks to Kathleen of Nadine and Kathleen (Beautiful Unsual Custom Cards), one of my Etsy Oceanteam buddies. She had a fabric that she thought would look good with a collage that I had made awhile back for my niece Mandy. I had already given the collage to Mandy so Kathleen ask me to recreate that collage and see what the collage would look like with the fabric she had in mind. My other Etsy Oceanteam buddy Brenda confirmed that it sounded like great idea so that next day I went to work...........

This was the original image I chose to make the collage with.

Here is what the collage looked like that I gave to my niece.

Here is that collage recreated with the fabric. Oh my goodness what a difference!!!!

I also had done some collages for Mandy's children for their birthdays coming up in February. Well with the new idea of using fabric as the background on stretched canvas I just had to try it. This new idea took off like wild fire! I did all 5 collages in just one day! I love the look and cannot wait to do more. The possibilities are endless!!!

Blue Princess
Pink Princess
Purple Princess
Lace PrincessTractor Ride and Pitching In

The best part is my collages now look complete and professional. I am thrilled. It just goes to show that 2 minds are better than one. Thanks Kathleen!!

I also completed three more comfort dolls last week.

I am going to make a point of visiting my blog buddies this week. Hope you are all creating that ATC for the Valentine Swap. Your partners will be posted on February 7th.

Oh, by the way, please make sure your link is visible so that your partner can contact you for your address. I have one Anonymous participant, Darlene Pringle. Darlene, please send me a link to your web site or an address where you partner can send her swap. I am sorry if I do not recognize your name but I usually recognize web site names. Thanks Darlene.

I am getting excited about our swap....HAPPY CREATING!!!


Salzanos said...

They are GORGEOUS!!!

Pamela said...

Those look great, Patti! I'm excited for you to discover the wonderful world of fabric!!!

Annette said...

gosh, these are soooo pretty, I love how you displayed them, I have no talent, but I love yours!

You've been tagged, check it out on my blog. xoxoxoxox

Linsart said...

Hi Patti, Those are just great ! It is so exciting to discover a new technique. Gets a person excited and motivated for sure!
Nice work, have fun creating, Patti.

Bev said...

Wow girl you've been working up a storm haven't ya? And they are gorgeous too!! love the little comfort dolls too...would you stop by my blog HeLives to pick up your lemonade award!!!
(((hugs))) Bevie

Jeannene said...

" mouth/JAW is literally DROPPING!!!!"
I LOVE YOUR WORK, you are certainly have been busy and with wonderful reason to show!! The collages are are REMARKABLE, TRULY REMARKABLE, really I am AMAZED!! So when can you be my instructor for all of this??? Seriously!!! You are such a TALENT!!

Much Love, J

slommler said...

Love the addition of material in the collages Patti!!! Wonderful!!
Thought I would pop by and see how you were. The coffee was great!!

Laura said...

OH, so much lovely artwork, Patti! And I just adore your enthusiasm! Discovering new aspects of art does that to me, too! Happy creating!

Jann said...

So pretty, and what fun! I love your creations! Love, Jann

whymsicalmusings said...

Patti I never get tired of visiting your page:) Yes my avatar is my artwork. Thank you so much for all of your support. Sending you a big big hug!