Sunday, January 25, 2009


Okay I have been tagged by Annette over at Just Annette
This is a meme tag and a bit different .....

Rules are as follows:

Open a document or folder.
Choose the fifth folder and then the fifth photo in that folder
do a post describing the photo
tag five friends to the "meme"

So, here's my fifth picture, in my fifth folder:

A photo of a collage I copied over a year ago because I thought it was cool!

So now I pass this tag onto the following 5 people who in turn will open their 5th photo folder and reveal the 5th photo in that folder.

1) Joni from " Just Joni/Morning Coffee"
2) Angelina from "
Angelina's Trinkets"
3) Susan from "
Black Berry Creek"
4)Nancy from "
Never Enough ATC'S"
5) Becky from "
Whimsical Musings"

If any of you have every visited Joni at
Just Joni/Morning Coffee. You know her story of her regular visits to the homeless in her town and the man named Earl that had a stroke just before the holidays. She has desperately been trying to find this man's family. He is sick and needs to be off the streets. You can go to her blog and read more about him but if anyone has seen this man and know who he is or who his family is please contact me and I will forward the information on to Joni.
Thanks so much

Do you know me?
Earl L. Hill, a homeless man in California looking for his family, can you please help, if so notify me, Patti


Annette said...

what a unique photo and yea it is very pretty, Thank you for participating...I've met Earl and he's a jewel, very much a gentleman to Joni and myself, all of her friends are very nice and very well mannered, they love her company, but who doesn't?
Love to you

Anonymous said...

Hi Patti. What a neat photo. I haven't posted yet but I'm sure it will be a fishing picture since hubby gets the camera more than I do. Thanks for stopping by. I went and checked pricing on other etsy sites, it was so confusing so I just went and reduced everything. I'm not good a pricing things so I'm hoping this will be more in line. Anyway, I love your collages with fabric. They are so neat that way. Everything just pops.

Fete et Fleur said...

My prayers go out for him to be found.


Just Joni said...

My heart truly swells with the deeds of kindness that are done through blogging...thank you for reaching just never know who will stumble across his face and recognize it. I will add that he has a daughter named Angie Hill who lives somewhere in the Columbus Ohio area that I have been trying to track far, no luck and his memory isn't exactly all that great so I may even be looking in the wrong areas, but it has to start somewhere...thank you Patti...I hope you hear something!


Just Joni said...

Lol...I got so excited about you putting Earl's picture up I forgot to tell you how beautiful your new collages were. I love that new technique you are using and I can't help but wonder how they would look for album or journal covers if you could stretch the fabric always do such a great job you are so creative! Have fun with your swap ~

slommler said...

Earl just breaks my heart. I sure hope you all find his family. He will be in my prayers for sure.
Hugging you

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

Thanks for the tag, Patti. I'll do it later--already posted today. Wish I knew Earl. He looks like a sweet man.

Patricia said...

Thanks for the lovely comment you left at Pretty Paper Hearts. I am so glad you enjoy the blog. Please feel free to join in anytime - you are more than welcome. I have enjoyed viewing your blog and have added it to my favorites. Have a wonderful new week.

whymsicalmusings said...

Patti thanks for the meme I have posted it on my blog:) I love visiting here. I do hope Earl finds his family how sad for him. Have a magical evening.