Monday, January 7, 2013


 I look at this little baby and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful family.  I am blessed with my three sons who have given me beautiful grandchildren and now I am a GREAT Grandmother for the second time!
Priceless photo of big sister and her baby brother.

I started my family at age 15 and I can honestly say I am not sorry. Just look, I am 64 years old and still young enough to enjoy my great grandchildren.

This past year has been a hard one for my husband with his constant illness but looks like he is recovering pretty good. The chest Xray shows improvement and his blood work is excellent now. If I sound doubtful it is because this evil pneumonia keeps coming back. I honestly thought this last time that I would lose him. He was a critically ill man.

It is a horrible lost feeling. So many questions unanswered, so many things left to say. It is a touchy subject to talk about death but this weekend my husband and I had a long talk about this. It is important I feel to know your loved ones wishes and if you have doubts about anything you need to address them while they are alive and not try to guess.

I am talking about silly things I guess but to me it was important. We retired and moved away from our children 6 years ago. I wondered how he would feel if I sold the house he bought for me and moved so I could be closer to our children in my older years.

He is a collector of many things. What would I do with his collections? What would I do with his tools?
These things seem small until you are faced with the reality that you loved one may not be here tomorrow and that is when it hits you.

I am so glad we talked and I urge you to do the same. This advice was given to me by a dear friend that lost her husband when her children were very small.

So for today, I am happy to say that Alan is recovering and will soon be back to his normal self.
We are blessed with a beautiful family and friends that love and support us . Thanks to all for your prayers. Prayer does work.

I am looking forward to a Happy New Year. We plan to go to the Browning Museum in Salt Lake Utah this summer, My husband is a gun nut and Browning is his favorite. I will be planning a trip to meet our new Great Grandson as well as the rest of the family in October.

I have lots of new things planned for my Etsy shop and want to keep up with my blog more often than this past year. I still think blogging is so much more personal that Facebook.

God Bless all of you and thanks again for the prayers.
Happy New Year!


Ann said...

are blessed in so many ways Patti!! these photos are so very precious..they are darling!!
i am so glad that your husband is improving. it is so very scary when they get very sick...the thought of loosing my husband puts me in a panic! he is one who will not discuss what he wants ,he'll have to be ok with what i do!
i have made my wishes known to EVERYONE i know..since I was 18! it's all in my advance directive,trust,will.i just think it makes it easier for those left behind.
take care..and i'll continue to keep your husband in my thoughts and prayers!!!!

BECKY said...

Patricia, what a beautiful baby!! And of course, Big Sister! I remember reading your blog posts about your husband's illness, and I'm so happy to hear he is better now! Yes, 2012 was a rough year for you...and since 2013 is beginning with a new birth, and wellness....I think this will be a wonderful year for you! I agree about discussing death and what one's wishes are. My husband and I have done that a time or two, very limited conversations, but we aren't afraid of the subject, which is good! One last thing, I don't like facebook much AT ALL. I post things now and then, to keep up another "media" exposure for when my book gets published later this year....but I like the personal connection of blogging! Hugs to you!!

Junibears said...

How wonderful to start off the new year with a new baby and good news Patti! Your great grandbabies are so beautiful and I am so happy for you that hubby is improving. May it continue. I nearly lost Freddie before the triple bypass etc. and we have both paid already for our funerals so the family won't be burdened.
Every good wish to you bnoth and I shall keep you all in my prayers!
Hugs xxx

Healing Woman said...

Those two beautiful grandchildren of yours look like cherubs nestled under the blanket.

Loved reading your heart felt story. It sounds like you have had and are having now a full, rich life. Keep doing your art. Art will anchor you in the years to come. I have no great grandchildren yet but look forward to it someday. You did the right thing in starting your family early.

Happy 2013 Patti

Art From The heart said...

Oh how very blessed you are. Happy to know hubby is doing better too!
We are about to become grandparents
( first time) in June.
Old we are at 67 and 76 but sooooooo thrilled. Bit of a new lease on life.
Lov & hugs to all of you, Amy jo

Sueann said...

Such precious little ones...gorgeous!! Congrats!
Yes it is good to have these can then be a peace that you know what the other wants.
Hugging you

Debbie said...

Precious little angels and yes you are very blessed! I'm glad hubby is on the mend, but I'm glad you had the conversations...peace of mind ♥

Your blog looks beautiful and you sound better, so I'm glad.

Sending you big hugs my friend!