Monday, March 2, 2015


I few days ago I posted this piece of artwork and was talking to a friend about my Elegant Whisper Etsy Shop where I have some of my artwork for sale and how to make my tag words so that my artwork is found easier among the hundreds of items listed on Etsy.
This was just a fun piece I did while experimenting with Photoshop, which I try to do often, so that I learn more. My friend told me she just didn't "get" my artwork.

When Picasso painted he had some pretty weird pieces. 
Here are two for example:

  I guess some people didn't "Get" his artwork either!

I tried not to be offended since my friend is not an artist and has no idea what a digital art is all about.
It did however make me wonder how many people feel the way she does?

I just finished this today. Maybe she will "Get" this one :)
What do you think?
Have you ever had someone tell you they just don't get your artwork?


Anonymous said...

You're artwork is beautiful. Not everyone is going to understand it and that's okay. My dear sweet mother didn't always understand my work either. It's okay, it comes from the heart.

Deann said...

Repeat after me "Great minds are seldom understood."
I get your artwork and it is awesome...when you express your feelings through your art you shouldn't have to explain.

Ozstuff said...

I think you should Google "Picasso quotes" (so many) to see what he had to say about art and then send the best ones to your friend so she can "get" your lovely artwork.
I love your collection above, especially the two-headed lady.