Thursday, March 26, 2015


Have you had the chicken pox? If so you need to get a Shingles vaccination as soon as you turn 60.
My husband and I got the vaccine 7 years ago and unfortunately my husband came down with a severe case of Shingles three weeks ago.

He has lymphoma/leukemia and has a weak immune system and this made it possible for him to get it anyway. He just can't catch a break and has had so many medical issues over the past 6 years. From numerous bouts with pneumonia that nearly took him from me two years ago, to losing most of his site in his right eye, to a serious staff infection that actually needed surgery to drain, and so many more things, to this!

He is a strong man and doesn't let much get him down but this has knocked him on his butt. The medication he has to take wipes him out so I find him sitting at the breakfast bar sleeping. The pain is so severe he can't go without pain medication.

If you don't know about Shingles, go look it up online and read about it. It is caused by the chicken pox virus that is "asleep" in the main spinal nerve that curves from the spine around to the side and around to the stomach and when it wakes up it does so with a vengeance!

The smaller nerves that come off of that large spinal nerve get inflamed and that is when the blisters appear. Then they ooze and start to scab but then the nerves start to tear apart and that is when the pain starts. The pain at times feels like an electrical shock and cause the patient, in this case my husband, to cry out in pain. He can't stand for anything to touch him in the affected area and is becoming very irritable, unreasonable and depressed.

The scary thing is, it could last up to two years and the pain may never go away.

Please don't forget to get you vaccination.

This is an actual picture of my husbands back. This goes around to the side and to his abdoman.


Leina said...

hello! it's curious. Since two week i have a shingles. But it is much less important than for your husband. Having taken pescrits medicine by the doctor, I visited a "quack" . This one affects(touches) the sick party, for 2 days I get better. I hope that for the health of your husband be going to improve quickly.

pchickki said...

Thanks for your kind words Leina. My husband is in much pain and he is on medication both anti inflammatory and pain meds as well as a cream. The pain meds don't get rid of the pain but only make it less. We need to go back to the doctor, he can't function like this and has had it for three weeks now. I feel helpless. I can't even touch him because it hurts. The doctor said he has the worse case she has ever seen. Thanks again for your comments and I hope you are completely healed from your bout whit the disease.

Deann said...

This is nasty stuff I remember my Mom had it when I was a girl.
I will keep you both in my prayers and wish the best for you always.

Mosaic Magpie said...

I got the Shingles Vaccine last summer, within 1 hour I was having an allergic reaction! Lips swelling and tongue as well. Here I thought I was doing a good thing about getting the vaccine....I hope it worked I have seen others with the Shingles and it looks miserable.