Monday, July 16, 2012


I love my Blackberry!

AT&T has the worst customer service I have ever known.
I filed a claim with the insurance on my blackberry which we pay for each month and they can't replace my phone because they don't make the blackberry 9300 any longer and have none is stock! Theh sent the wrong phone! A downgrade instead. I went round and round with Customer Service today and visited the AT&T store here but they are not willing to do anything about this.

I have been a loyal AT&T customer for years, I pay my bill on time, I signed a contract and bought insurance to replace the phone if it were lost, stolen or damaged. They want to replace it with a downgrade that has no 3G and it is a cheaper model. That is all they can do for me...well I could get an upgrade by adding another phone and sign a new 2 year contract...NOT. I am not staying with AT&T for one minute more than I have to

I found a brand new blackberry on EBay and purchased it today for $149.00. It is very sad that I have to spend money to replace AT&T's phone. It is not my fault they stopped making them.

This is uncalled for. I pay for insurance and they can't replace my phone with a like phone or an upgrade. Were did customer service go...this is not customer service! They should bend over backwards to make their customers happy. Instead I am exhausted from the turmoil on the phone and dealing with this for the past week and the end result is I had to pay 149.00 to purchase the damaged phone I had insurance on. Nice !


Healing Woman said...

I agree and think it is a shame. Whatever you do, don't break your camera! Even if it's a minor problem, unless you bought insurance for it, they will not fix..will find every reason in the world not to. They'd probably do the same even if you did have it insured. I tried to get Best Buy to cooperate but lost too.

SueAnn Lommler said...

Definitely time to dump AT&T. I did that too. Their customer service sucks big time!
I have Verizon now...great customer service so far!

Ann said...

hey honey!!
i linked to your post!!
this is just terrible...a bait and switch if i've ever seen one!!!!!

Venus Blues Hideaway said...

Us little people just can't win against these huge companies. I had a bad experience with AT&T about 15 years ago and have refused to use them since!! Stand your ground--I use Verizon and have had good service and to me, that is EVERYTHING. I refuse to use a company that treats me badly. Oh, btw--I love your digital art. I have been contemplating taking a photo shop class. I get on there and am just lost. I love your work, it is beautiful.

xoxo Faye

SherryD said...

Terrible! I used to work for AT&T/Ma Bell in the 70's & before the break up of the system it was SO about customer service. We bent over backwards to help our customers. Then after the breakup we went from being a service company to being sales oriented. And the job became a nightmare. I left the telephone company in 1985 because I hated working there and went back to college. I'm so sorry you had to go through this.