Saturday, February 25, 2012


In loving memory of my dear Mother.
I lost her four years ago after a brief illness.
Other than diabetes and the blindness it caused her, she was healthy and very sharp for 82 years old.

Wanda June Corder
Age 15

My Mother worked her way through high school by working for the Owen family in Nampa Idaho. She cooked and cleaned and took care of their four children. I remember her telling me she hated the color blue because she only had one nice dress that she wore to school and it was blue. Funny, that is my favorite color.
The Owen's became very close family friends and were actually my God Parents.

She met my Father on a Marine Base in Pocatello, Idaho and they married shortly after. He was in WWII and suffered from what they called back then "Shell Shock". He made a living driving truck after I was born . He had a massive heart attack and died from a weakened heart at age 34 years old caused by malaria he contacted in the war. I was only 7 years old and my brother was 3 years old.

My Mother then worked the night shift as a nurses aide at the community hospital for years. She did what she had to do as a single parent. We didn't have the best of things but she made sure we had what we needed.

This photo was taken in 1957.

She was a very beautiful women inside and out and she was loved by many.
I miss you so much Mom.


Lynn Stevens said...

What a beautiful tribute to your mom. She sounds like she was a remarkable woman raising children on her own couldn't have been easy.
No doubt shes with you every day!
hugs Lynn

Mica said...

Gramma Grape is beautiful....I think of her often and miss her too! Hope your doing alright today. I am sure your heart aches. I love you Mama...Love, Mica

Ann said...

Patti..a lovely tribute ! She sounds like she was such a strong and wonderful woman. I know the pain of loosing a Mother..I am so sorry!! We miss them every day,but the anniversary of their death is doubly hard I think! Only her body has left you,Patti..she is in your heart!!!

brenda Salzano said...

She was a beautiful lady, and just knowing you, I know I would have loved her! Hugs my friend