Monday, February 13, 2012


Well again I am saddened by another one of my favorite singers sudden death.
Whitney Houston was so beautiful and had a voice like velvet. She was so alive when she started her journey to stardom. I feel that her husband Bobby Brown brought her down. (my own personal opinion) She should have left him the minute she knew he did drugs .

My heart goes out to her Mother and all of her family. What a waste of life!

Why do they have to turn to drugs. Fame seems to do that.

Billie Holiday
Michael Jackson

I am sure I have left out many more but these stand out in my mind because they were some of my favorites.

The doctors and pharmacists need to monitor the stars more closely.

God Bless Whitney and may she rest in peace. The world will miss her.


BECKY said...

I so agree. I blame that creep she was married to for so many years. Why she one will know. And obviously, it was HER decision to use or not use drugs and alcohol, but it certainly didn't help being married to him. I am very saddened, too.
Thanks for the music,also.

SueAnn said...

It definitely is so tragic