Friday, November 25, 2011

Twlight Fanatic

Went to see the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn just before Thanksgiving. I am so hooked on this sage.

Inspires me to create! These are just a few of what I have in mind .

Breaking Dawn

Lost Souls

Leader of the Pack

I will be having a give away this week so keep you eyes out for it.
I will be giving away a couple of my tins as well as one of these digital collages.


Ann said...

these are marvelous!!!
i haven't seen any of these movies,but maybe when they go to HBO or Showtime!!
a giveaway..I'll be keeping my eyes open..i'd love the chance to have your art!!

SueAnn said...

Oh I so enjoyed Breaking Dawn!!! It was fabulous!!
And your pieces do capture the aura of the series for sure!

Paxie said...

Read all the books and then I think I saw one movie..can't remember!

Love these!! Outstanding!!

soulbrush said...

I am no into this series at all- but sure am into your little tins- so hope I get one in your free giveaway.

Healing Woman said...

I love your Breaking Dawn inspiration. I think I'll check our local movies to see if it is playing here. The eyes are wonderful!

Anonymous said...

Just watched the movie and looked up Bella with red eyes and your site came up. BEAUTIFUL!