Sunday, October 23, 2011

More Hauntings

This is my latest collage.
Dracula's Women

Braemar Golf Course

Edina, Minnesota

It is said that this golf course is haunted by an apparition named Jim. It is said that when the land was cleared to build the course, a homeless black man was discovered. Soon the man died. Since that time, it has been said that balls go into holes and come back out. It is also said that sometimes balls will roll in a straight line and suddenly veer off suddenly to the right or left.

Glensheen Mansion

Duluth, Minnesota

In this house, an elderly woman and her nurse were brutally murdered by the woman's crazed lover. Now, it is said that the two haunt the house. It is said that eerie black, shadowy figures walking about the basement. Lights turning on and off have also been reported. There has even been one report of a piece of candy rolling back and forth across the dresser.


Junibears said...

I love your ghost stories Patti.
And that tin you've made for the lady in UK is just fabulous. I am so glad your prayers were answered.
The song I loved a lot when my boyfriend was doing his National Service in Malaya.
June xx

Ann said...

love your collage!!!!!..and your ghost stories!!have you ever encountered a ghost? do you look for them?

Anonymous said...

I love your collage Patti!
YOU did the perfect ghost stories to follow along with it!
Thanks for ths scare! ♥

SueAnn said...

Great stories!! And I love your piece! Nice and spooky!

Bevie said...

How kewl what that!!! love your new creation!!! Miss you dear.

SherryD said...