Thursday, October 20, 2011

Good Things Are Happening

I have been a little discouraged about sales in my Etsy Shop. I decided to make some new tins and post them before the holiday rush. I got one sale last week. It was nice to see that email saying I had a PayPal transaction.

Then I started thinking about how I could market my tins to draw more people in. I prayed about it and the next morning I had a custom order from a lady in United Kingdom.

She wanted a masculine looking tin to send with her boyfriend who is going to Afghanistan next month. She wanted him to have something that would remind him of her while he is over there. She called it her "Super Hero Travel Kit". Cute huh?
He is a Lieutenant in the Royal Air Force so she sent me a photo of the model plane he fly's and ask that I put his name some where on the tin. I put it on the plane! I also added lyrics from a song by Jo Stafford from the 40's. This song was really popular during WWII but fits any soldier who is serving and away from their loved one. The name of the song is You Belong To Me. The lyrics inside the tin say ..

Fly the ocean in a silver plane
See the jungle when it's wet with rain
But remember til you're home again
You belong to me

My Mother played this song a lot when I was a child. I loved it then and I love it now.

To Listen click here:

She wanted the photo to have an antique tint so I took the photo into Photoshop and gave it a Sepia tint and tore the edges to make it look more antique like. I put the metal clock face, gears and chain on the special order deco paper and and sealed all sides.

She loved it and it is on it's way to United Kingdom.

Her idea was so special that I ask her if I could use her special request to make this tin on my shop profile and she graciously gave me permission. This just might be a good tag to use on my masculine looking tins.

I was still wishing that I could sell at least one tin a week. When I look at all the tins I have made I am proud of the quality of my work but I just don't know how to market my work.

Today I met with my Etsy Team as I always do on Thursday, at a new place in the Mall where we have been meeting now for a month. The people there seem to love our team and they are so nice to us.

I took the 6 tins I had made over the weekend with me to show the girls. We meet in the Mall at a place called Cone 9 which is a kitchen accessory store and cafe.

The owner saw my tins displayed on the table and she said to me "Now why don't I have these here in my store?" I said "Well give me a shelf and you will" She said okay !! So my tins will soon be for sale in the Mall. Not only that but she offered to set me up free of charge for the Art Walk in November and December. I will have a table and will be able to display my tins for sale in the Mall!

Is that an answer to my prayers or what? THANK YOU JESUS !

I tins in my shop will be posted as Special Order so that if I sell any in the mall I can make duplicates. Wouldn't that be great?


artistamyjo said...

Well good for you I hope you sell a lot.

Paxie said...

Wonderful news Patti! I'd buy one, but I'm on a limited budget. I'll look again a little closer to Christmas :)

daisy69778 said...

Wonderful awesome --
Good for you Patti!!!!Very encouraging.