Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Do you think this little creature is cute?

Look closer !

He is NOT cute and he is destroying my yard !
For the past three months he or her and his or her buddies have caused havoc in my yard.
My gardener has set traps, placed repellent in several mole hills and even caught a couple but they just keep coming. They are destroying my yard !! I even have an actual sink hole near my deck due to these little monsters. I am at my wits end with them. The traps have been set over and over again and still the mole hills keep appearing. I have taken the dirt from the mole hills to fill in the sink hole and believe it or not that has been 5 buckets full ! I was just sitting out in my back yard and I can see the dirt in the mole hill moving which means he is there digging and destroying my yard.

Did you know that moles don't dig to find roots but they dig to find grub and worms. I made the mistake of watering my yard earlier in the summer and this is what I get. Mole hills everywhere. I stopped watering and my yard is brown and still they are digging. Even the slightest bit of rain (and we get alot here in Oregon) will bring the worms so which do I fight, worms or moles?

This is WAR!
So far the mole is winning.

Reminds me of the summer a sparrow and I had a fight. She kept trying to build her mud nest on my patio cover and I kept washing down with the hose. I did this one entire afternoon and guess what? She won!


Ann said...

plants that repel Moles..spurge,castor bean,mole plant(ironic huh!!) and squill
also..used kitty litter down the holes will help get them to leave..
ex-lax down the hole..
get rid of grubs,,you will get rid of moles!! get rid of grubs,mince (fine) 5 garlic cloves..let dry..then crush into a powder.put this powder into 2 tsp. of water and let this mix sit for 2 hrs. then..add 2 qts. water and mix well..put into GLASS sprayer and spray where you see grubs!!..test near favorite plants because it may be too strong for certain plant leaves!!
found this info in the book GRANDMOTHERS CRITTER RIDDER.
good luck!!! xo

Paxie said...

LOL at Ann. Ex Lax??? I know nothing about moles...sounds like good ideas to me.

They are just plain UGLY...eeewwww.

Good luck hon!

My neighbor gets moles though!

sjmcdowell said...

When I lived in England I also had a mole problem.
One morning upon awakening I looked out my upstairs bedroom window to gaze upon my newly planted front garden. As I was admiring all the flowers I had planted I began to see my marigolds popping up out of the by one...I thought I surely had gone loopy! I threw on my robe and flew down the stairs opened the front door and just stood there looking at the craziest thing I had ever seen. My neighbor "Barry" was out in his garden next door and I called him over to come see what was happening to my garden. Barry said ahhhh "you" have a Mole problem...I said "a what"?? So my neighbor said well the first thing to do is get a hose down inside the tunnels and flush him he proceeded to do that...I was standing there watching this whole thing transpire in front of me....and then....I looked down to see "The Mole" digging it's way up through my Peony bush, sputtering mud out of his mouth and as I saw him I said.. oh here he is...Barry yells at me take the shovel and hit him in the nose...I said "what"? Barry said hit him...oh God I could not do Barry runs over to him with the shovel and bam right on the nose. Barry said Mole's nerve endings are at the tip of their noses and they die instantly when struck there!
Wow what a morning!!Barry filled up the tunnels and So no more Mole problem in my front garden from there on.
I may not have the cure for Mole's but I thought you would get a kick out of my story anyway! :)

Good Luck with your pesty Mole problems my dear!!



Junibears said...

I know I shouldn't but I've had a jolly good laugh. First at your mole problem and then the comments. Dear Patti I remembered a neighbour from years ago with the same problem. he stood there with shotgun in hand and fired! I'm sdtill laughing! Sorry! xx

Ames said...

I am not an expert gardener. We have moles occasionally, but even worse we have armadillos. They can undermine your foundation and destroy an in-ground pool.

I have heard that placing a windmill whirly-gig in the yard will run the moles off. They don't like the vibration? But I don't know this to be true. However, it seems to me if they are grub eaters, taking away their food source might send them elsewhere. Just sayin. Good luck with that.~Ames

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh my goodness! those little pesky things. I didn't know that about them. I've never actually seen one but I've see the damage they cause at my mom's house, she has half acre yard.

Anonymous said...

Oh Patti,
You are so funny! I can't help but to laugh..Please forgive me?..
I understand your anger.. and that rat is not cute!
I suppose it made it to the ark for some reason?
I will have to ask God.. LOL
Hugs, Darlene

daisy69778 said...

Thanks to all the above comments and first of all your story Patti!
I laughed and then laughed at all the stories and comments!!!
Darlene - I guess they made it on the ark - who knows why?!!!
How did you get the pictures of her? Awesome pics, UGLY MOLE!

HA HA, hitting them on the nose!
Can you try that?

Salzanos said...

loved all the stories!