Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Zumba Girls

I started Zumba about 3 months ago. It is the best exercise since my days of dance and I am addicted.
I go to the walking class twice a week which is 8 miles a week. It is so easy since we walk and do different exercies with our arms as well as leg lifts and it is all done to music which is so motivational. Then I do Zumba gold three times a week an hour per class. Zumba Gold is not as intense as Zumba. It was designed for those that don't or can't jump or squat.

So all in all I am working out three hours and walking 8 miles per week and I don't even notice because I am having so much fun!

For those of you that hate exercise, Zumba is the answer. I have tried walking outside but we have so much rain I don't want to walk in the cold rain. I bought a TreadClimber and it sat in my garage for over a year and i didn't use it much because it is cold in my garage. Whatever the excuse, it did not work for me. Zumba does. Do I sound like a commercial? No is the best exercise since I used to dance disco years ago.
These are my Zumba instructors Christie and Cindy. They are two of four sisters that own and operate and instruct at Coos Cardio Party here in Coos Bay. My body is toning up and I am losing weight.
I love ZUMBA and these girls.


artistamyjo said...

Good for you !! Sounds great and fun too.

Ann said...

wow!! awesome you!!
i got tired just reading about the i need a drink and cookie!!

readingsully2 said...

Good for you. I love your will power.

slommler said...

That is great! I have been considering Zumba myself. Thanks for the recommendation!

Salzanos said...

Your looking great Patti! I know you really love this, and it is great you have this right now!

Hugs always best friend!

Junibears said...

My Grandaughter has been on about this for ages and she's hubting for a class near her.
I'm glad it's doing you so much good Patti.
Hope hubby is doing well. Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

Wow now Zumba ? thats a scary thought lol .I have copd so cant do anything quite like this but i do so admire you Patti. have fun my friend, great pics.
Hugs June xxxx

JANN said...

Very inspiring post Patti, I agree with readingsully2 & Dezinaworld.
Would love to see some photos of you, I bet you look amazing. Will have to try this soon.

Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

oh that sounds like so much fun. Yes you're right, exercising isn't bad when you're having fun.