Wednesday, April 13, 2011


A Legend in Her Time

Taking a break from Creating Tins, creating digital collage is relaxing to me
This is my latest Digital Collage

Who knows, she may just show up on a tin.

Really ?

This was a digital challenge at Digital Whisper a couple of months ago.
I think it is funny. I feel like this alot.

If you were going to purchase an altered tin what would you like to see on it?


Junibears said...

Great work dear. Love to see your collages too! xx

Lydia said...

You have certainly been prolific in your beautiful work, Patti:) Thank you for the birthday greetings. Think of you often and pray, even if I don't always leave a comment.

xo Lydia

Kitty from Perles and Life said...

Your Katherine Hepburn collage was, well, it just left a smile on my face and a good feels romantic....maybe she was dreaming of her true love, Spencer Tracy....

All your tins have been so terrific it's hard to pin down a need to go with what your feeling the day you sit down and work on your tins....your inspiration.

SherryD said...

Wow this one with the goldfish in midair reminds me of a dream piece I wrote in college. There were goldfish swimming in the air of the living room. Love the girl in this piece too