Saturday, October 16, 2010


Ever since ancient times, the folklore of most cultures around the world has been rich with ghost stories--tales of spirits who return from the dead to haunt the places they left behind. Certain places seem to be particularly susceptible to hauntings, while some of the most famous ghostly sightings have been of historical personalities--from queens to politicians to gangsters--who attained a good degree of fame or notoriety in life and died early, often violent deaths.

What Is a Ghost?

The concept of a ghost, also known as a specter, is based on the ancient idea that a person's spirit exists separately from his or her body, and may continue to exist after that person dies. Because of this idea, many societies began to use funeral rituals as a way of ensuring that the dead person's spirit would not return to "haunt" the living.

Places that are haunted are usually believed to be associated with some occurrence or emotion in the ghost's past; they are often a former home or the place where he or she died. Aside from actual ghostly apparitions, traditional signs of haunting range from strange noises, lights, odors or breezes to the displacement of objects, bells that ring spontaneously or musical instruments that seem to play on their own.

Early Ghost Sightings

In the first century A.D., the great Roman author and statesman Pliny the Younger recorded one of the first notable ghost stories in his letters, which became famous for their vivid account of life during the heyday of the Roman Empire. Pliny reported that the specter of an old man with a long beard, rattling chains, was haunting his house in Athens. The Greek writer Lucian and Pliny's fellow Roman Plautus also wrote memorable ghost stories.

Centuries later, in 856 A.D., the first poltergeist--a ghost that causes physical disturbances such as loud noises or objects falling or being thrown around--was reported at a farmhouse in Germany. The poltergeist tormented the family living there by throwing stones and starting fires, among other things.

Does your body have a spirit? Does it come back to haunt after you die?

There is usually a reasonable explanation.

Interesting though isn't it?



MosaicMagpie said...

I love the music you have playing with this post. I absolutly believe in spirits/beings those that are here with us. I am not sure if they are trapped/held here, or if they choose to be here.

DeeDee said...

I do believe in ghosts and have seen some for my own eyes...I am not scared of them as I know they love me....I believe they still have a purpose here, unfinished business so to speack...or just return to communicate a message...

i hope my spirit comes to help my kids after my body gives up...

I too love your music this month...hehehe!

slommler said...

No I do not believe in ghosts. Once we leave this world...we are gone from it.
God reigns in Heaven and takes our spirits to be with Him. Our bodies turn to dust!
This is my belief. Grin!!!
Love the music by the way!

Debbie said...

I'm believe the same as slommler, although I believe my Mom is close by all the spirit and in the butterflies I see :)

mya said...

I believe that when you die your soul goes to heaven, and does not remain here as a ghost.
Now are there other unseen (usually) beings of some other sort? I do not know, but I am not going to give them too much of my time.
Your post is interesting. We always enjoyed Halloween with the decorations, treats,and late night fun. However, there seems to be a lot of emphasis on the real ugliness nowadays - out of balance.

Mica said...

No, Ghosts are certainly not may be demonic though. Satan wants us to believe in such things to turn our minds away from the ultimate truth... God... and sadly many people believe such things and they don't believe in God. And funny that people who don't believe in God seems to think they are going to heaven..strange thinking really. You should be very careful where you get your information... you can even chat wth Tony. Love ya,Mica