Sunday, June 6, 2010


Well I have been waiting for spring long enough. It is still cold and rainy here in Coos Bay soooo
My granddaughter Angela is graduating June 11th and I am out of here!!

I am going to her graduation in Las Vegas where there is sunshine .

This is going to be such a treat for me.

I got my airline reservations...

Got my summer tops and my sunglasses ready.....

Got new nail polish to do my nails....

I am ready!!!!!!!!!!

I am also going to the Viva Elvis show compliments of my oldest granddaughter Melissa.

I have always been such a fan of Elvis. When we moved from Idaho to Las Vegas in the 70's, the year he died, I was so excited that finally I might get to see him but he passed away just a few months after we got there.

I will be in the sun for 4 days!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully when I get home summer will be here.
Who know, maybe I will come home with a tan :)


slommler said...

It has been so hot here!! We went from winter to summer. But I am not going to complain one bit. I love it!!
You have a great time in Vegas girl. Get some sun!!
Don't forget your sunscreen!!

Junibears said...

Have a great, wonderful time Patti! xx

Anonymous said...

Lucky you! I hope you have a blast.