Friday, May 21, 2010


Petey had his surgery on Tuesday and he is doing great. He was a little groggy when we picked him up but he came through the surgery just fine and the doctor says this repair should last at least 10 years. He is a good boy taking his medication without any problems and he is eating and drinking and today he is alert and wants to go out to play.

Doctor says to not let him lick his incision...yeah right! He gave me a HUGH cone to put on Petey to keep him from licking. Last night I put it on him before bed and he is scared of the darn thing! I would be too, it is like having your head in a bowl! I sat by his bed until he went to sleep and slept in Alan's recliner to be near him in case he woke up confused with this horrible thing on his head. Around 4AM he woke up and he was confused and ran into the table scaring him even more and then his brother was scared too. It took me over an hour to calm him and get him to get back on his bed. I took the stupid thing off and he has been fine all day. I will just have to watch him closely but they can have that thing back because we are not going to use it.

Tonight he was putting some pressure on his leg as he walked so I am sure he will heal up and recover really well.


slommler said...

Oh I am so glad Petey is doing well!!
Poor guy! Those cones are terrible!
Glad you could take it off!
Give Petey hugs from me.

whymsicalmusings said...

Patti I am sure with your love Petey will improve quickley:) Hope you are well my sweet friend.

I really loe your new header. Beautiful!

Lydia said...

Glad Petey made it thru well. My cat, years ago, had an Elizabethan collar too. He jumped up onto the windowsill, or tried, only to smash into the wall, as he couldn't judge properly. It was so funny, although not for him I am sure. What a trip:)


Debbie said...

poor petey..i'm glad he is better now! take care and have a wonderful sunday!

Mollye said...

Oh I am glad you're leaving that dang cone off the poor baby.