Wednesday, May 12, 2010


If don't know if you know the story of Alan (The Rooster) my hubby and what has been going on with him for the past yea,r or if you get weak the site of blood but I want to tell you the story of The Rooster.

4 Hours after surgery....look no bruising or swelling!

The gauze is to catch the blood that will drain from the surgery site for a few days.
Cute little belt they use to keep in place huh?
Something new to me was his hospital gown. It has warm air flowing through it. It is hooked up with a hose. Eliminates blankets and the patient can control the temperature! What will they think of next?

For the past year my husband, Alan, The Rooste,r has been sick. He has had severe reaction to Advair, has had numerous breathing treatments, has been on at least 5 different antibiotics for a month at a time. Has had bronchoscopies, pulmonary studies, pneumonia three times, sinus infection, severe cough and numerous XRay's, three MIR's and two CAT Scans. Blood drawn so many times he is a regular a the lab. He has been probed and prodded until he had enough.

None of the doctors he saw could figure out what was wrong with him and why he kept getting pneumonia. He started thinking back about what could have caused this. He finally figured out that a year ago he had an tooth implant repaired and when the dentist was drilling for the post to fit in his upper jaw he pierced the sinus cavity AND he did not give him any antibiotics! This is about the time all of this started.

After his last episode of pneumonia the doctor sent him to a lung specialist and he went down his bronchial tube and saw that he did still have infection in his right lung. He sent him to an ENT and the ENT put him on 1000 mg Augmentwn for 30 days and said he had large puss pockets in his sinus cavity and that when the Augmenten was gone he wanted to do surgery.

Today he had that surgery. They scrapped his sinus cavity, removed a large inflamed mass, fixed the area between the two nasal cavites, removed the turbonate from both sides, straightened his nose which the doctor said was very crooked inside from all the infection.

The entire operation took about 2 1/2 hours. He came through it just fine and the doctor said he should start to feel better soon. FINALLY! They removed the packing this afternoon and he was amazed at how his breathing has improved even with the splints still in there. We are hopeful that his cough will be gone, no more pneumonia, no more lung infection and maybe no more snoring!

He is a tough old bird and I love him dearly. Through all of this and surgery on his right eye to remove a lymph node, leukemia, lymphoma, C.O.P.D. (which I hope disappears now) he has pretty much remained strong even though he was exhausted most of the time. His spirits were up most of the time. A bit cranky at times but understandably so.

Say a pray that my Rooster will be okay now. He has had his share of health problems. Oh and next time you have any opening drilled in your mouth ASK FOR ANTIBIOTIC! Even though we don't know for sure if this is what caused it, we will be able to tell if he is cured.



Praise God Patti,
I am so thrilled that they finally figured it all out. Bless his heart
( hubby ) for having to go through all of this pain and suffering. Very glad he is on the good road to recovery. Will keep all good thoughts and prayers for you both.
Take care of the rooster , you sweet pchickki.

Cindy Shea said...

Wow Patti! What an ordeal for you and your hubby. I'm glad he is now on the mend and you should consider taking legal action against that negligent dentist as he could have killed your poor hubby with his ineptitude! :)

slommler said...

Oh my! What a journey you both have been on. Praise God! It seems you have finally turned a corner. I will definitely pray for him and you. Right now!

Debbie said...

Alan is definitely one tough ole bird! poor thing. I will keep you in prayer this is the cure you've been needing!

Patti, I've taken Advair since November...what kind of reaction?


artistamyjo said...

Oh dear ! What a horrible thing to go through. Saying a prayer that all is well soon and the pain is in the past.

Diva Kreszl said...

so happy to hear they have found a way to give poor rooster some relief! I shall be praying for his speedy recovery!

Mica said...

of course we are praying for papa Rooster...Give him lot's of hugs for us!!! Was he happy about this photo??? tee hee...Poor baby!!! Love ya all...Mica

Salzanos said...

I am so glad Allen is "tough". He had to be to go through all this. I think the "college educated, super smart, doctors and hospital should give him some money back for his diagnosing it instead of them! Like that is going to happen. ah well, I am happy this is coming around for the good.

Gosh, heated nighties!! Glory be. At least the hospitals have improved on something! LOL

Mollye said...

Oh Patti, What a freaking nightmare and what a relief for Alan and you and the entire family. Thank God it is over or soon will be. Just praying for a full recovery now. XXMollye

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I hope the Rooster is doing much better now.

kimberly said...

wow patti...what a journey for him and you....i know he has not felt well for a long time...let's hope this is the start of feeling great and staying healthy!!!! we take our health for granted so many times.....will be thinking of you and your sweet hubby and praying all continues to go wonderfully!!!