Saturday, March 7, 2009


It has been brought to my attention by my wonderful internet server WILDBLUE that I have exceeded my threshold of uploads. Due to this, my computer has slowed down to a dialup speed. Needless to say I am very upset about this. I will get my speed back in a month. WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO IN THE MEAN TIME!??

We have the highest upgrade through WILDBLUE and still, it does not give me enough threshold.
My computer will be slow until our next billing cycle and that is about 25 days away!

The problem is that where we live we are limited to what server we can use. In CA we had DSL which is terrific but here no such animal exists. We have to rely on satellite or cable and cable is good but the area we live in of course it is not available!

Soooo, if I am not posting as much as I would like to (with pictures) that is why.
I am going to try something here ...if I can copy and paste that is not downloading right?

NOPE it doesn't work. UGH!!!

I can still read all your posts though so maybe that will be a way to catch up!


Debbie said...

Well this is just not right Patti!

Threshold? You must live in the boonies...beautiful ones though!

Oh my. I did not see any photos. This is a sad day at Patti's.


Bev said...

Oh Patti I got one of those notices last week, but unfortunately it wasn't the first. Got one over a mo ago so called and upgraded...would you believe that didn't help at all?? So I went back to what I had's as bad as dialup which is what I had because we too live outside cable service!!!
Well just have to read emails...and pray we can at least download some of our work!!!

Anonymous said...