Friday, March 13, 2009


Well for the past two weeks I have had major computer problems. Having to get a new hard drive installed and backup all of my files. Then there is the problem with WILDBLUE Internet Service...I fired them and now have a reliable fast affordable service with great customer service and a reasonable Fair Activity Policy, HUGHES INTERNET SERVICE.

I was lost without my computer. You really don't know what you've got until you lose it!
Anyway while I was without a computer I stayed busy.

It snowed last Monday here in the banana belt of the Oregon Coast but melted by noon.

The boys just stayed in the warm house.

My newest 12 x 12 collage

Note books for our battered women's shelter (one of the items on their wish list). I intend to make more for the children and am thinking of creating a network for this cause. I am sure all of you talented artist could pick up a small note book or day planner and create on it for donation to this shelter, right?

My latest "Comfort Doll"

ACEO's using the Victorian ladies idea by saving their hair, using sheep wool

These were done for a challenge our Etsy Team had. I used face cabs made by Linsart on two of them.

A collage I did with an old book page. this one being an ad for Elgin Wrist Watches from a 1923 National Geographic Magazine. This was for a Challenge on Etsy Cottage Style

Yeah, I stayed busy but I am so happy to have my computer back. What a companion it is to me!



Lori Garbarino said...

Missed you ! Love the New work! Going to San Diego tomorrow! will call soon! Energized and on Fire for God!!!!!!!!!


Your Daughter!

Susan Ramey Cleveland said...

I did miss you, Patti. Love all your work, especially the altered playing cards--which reminds me, I have to finish my deck.

Lydia said...

Wow- Great work,. These are all terrific!

I especially love the idea of the Hopeful Journals for the women's shelter. Great idea!! How big are yours pictured here?


Fabulous that you got all this gorgeous art done, you were busy :)
Such great things you accomplished , glad your computer is behaving again for you, we hate naughty puters :)