Tuesday, July 8, 2008


This is an old hospital here in Coos Bay. Built in the 30's .
I fell in love with this building the first time I saw it. I didn't know at first that it was a hospital so I ask around and sure enough it was the old Coos Bay Hospital.
They told me in had been condemed. I called a realtor friend and ask him about it and he said that it was for sale.
He said it had a bid on it and the person that bid on it backed out of the deal.

I am totally facinated by it and I ask him if it comes on the market again if he would take me through it.
He said he would be glad to do that.

The price for this old hospital is $500,000.00
If I had the money I would buy it. There are all sorts of things a person could do with this beautiful old building.This is the building I was referring to in the mini meme I did awhile back.

If I had a billion dollars..
I would open it up for the ole and under privileged .

I would make one floor a free clinic.

I wonder so many things about it.
How many babies were delivered here and who were the doctors and nurses that worked here.
Where is the delivery room?

How many people died here and who were they.
Where is the Morgue?

How many lives were saved by the doctors that worked here.
How many were not able to be saved.
Where is the ER?

How many times did an ambulance pull up here.
How many patient rooms does it have?
Where is the newborn nursery?

Thinking back on all of these things it reminds me of when my Father passed away when I was a little girl.
Later in life I worked in the same hospital that he died in back in 1955.
I saw the room he died in and it was so small to me. It reminded me of a closet.
I saw the xray department where I found his xrays and report on them. Chronic Heart Failure was the diagnosis.

So this is a very old facinating building and I love it!

Do you have a building that facinates you?
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Lori Garbarino said...

This is just a Beautiful old building! This another thing we have in common and I didn't even know. We truly are Kindred Spirits!

Luv ya


Debbie said...

We don't have any old buildings around here that are this pretty...I was fascinated as a young girl by a house over in the ritsy section of town that was shaped like a boat! I tried to find it when I came back home and it had been torn down. I do love old buildings though and your plans for this one are heartfelt and wonderful!

Jeannene said...

Hi Patti,

this was such a deep and touching post!! I love old building also. You picked a true classic beauty, that for sure!!! All your thoughts and wondering about it what all happened there...I am wondering the same thing??


Mam said...

It is a beautiful building. I wonder why it is in the "condemned" status. I have had several favorite old buildings. Growing up in Cincinnati (where the architecture spoiled me for any place else) I was captivated by the Union Terminal, the Rookwood Pottery building, the old Music Hall and the art theatre and museum in Eden Park. Nice memories.

Jennifer Minick said...

i love old buildings like this and wonder the same questions. there was an old building down here that use to be a casino but it was such a pretty blue building and i always loved it , it burned down about a month or so ago and it was just heartbreaking, not sure why i was so sad when it went down but i loved that place.

Lydia said...

Wow! I can't believe that this is being condemned. When was it built? And how many acres does it lay on? What great ideas you have for it!

The most beautiful building that I have ever seen is St. Basil's Cathedral in Moscow. It is composed of numerous 'chapels' for different services, unlike a normal Russian Orthodox Cathedral. It is like Candyland lit up at night- simply stunning.

Ivan the Great asked the architect if he could make anything more beautiful. The architect thought that if he could make this cathedral, that he could make an even better one. Then Ivan 'Groznyi' had the architect's eyes removed!- so that he would never make anything more beautiful.

The Soviets, and now more so the Russians, do an unbelievable job restoring their old beautiful churches and other buildings.I have never seen any buildings restored as meticulously as they are in this country.

:) Lydia

Anonymous said...

Patti, it's been awhile so I'm catching up. I love your new look. It's gorgeous. Your projects are just so sweet between the shoes and the magnets. I love Linda's work too. I also love old buildings. At one point I worked for an architect doing drafting. I hope they do put that building to use somehow. It's a shame when old architecture and history are lost. Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it more than you know.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! I loved the advice and will definitely keep it in mind. And yes I'm beginning to feel better!

Lydia said...

Oh Boy- Did I call him Ivan the Great in my above comment. Silly, silly me! He is of course Ivan the Terrible!! So sorry!

I took a special class on him at Penn State years ago. They suggested that he might not have been so terrible- that he may have had this brain malady that caused him to do terrible things.

I like the music-Lydia