Monday, May 5, 2008


I had a package at the Post Office today so I picked it up and I was so SURPRISED at what was inside. There was an envelope from Vickie of Whispers of Inspiration . The envelope had the cutest girl with a bonnet on her head painted there by Vickie.

Inside the envelope was this beautiful 8 x 10 collage of my Mother!

It was such a surprise that I started crying because I have been missing my Mama realllllly bad the past 2 days. I have been biting my lip and trying not to cry at the drop of a hat so when I open this up I was just so touched. It was just what I needed...a picture of my Mama smiling at me!
Vickie of Whispers of Inspiration
was one of seven swap participants for a Mothers Day ATC swap and I was expecting the swap ATC but not an extra surprise. I am so happy about this and so honored that she did this especially for me.

Vickie was the first blogger I made a collage for and she has been my inspiration every since that day. She has encouraged me and supported me and complimented me when looking back at those first collages... were really not very creative. She supported me with her kind words through the death of my Mother in February and now she is sending kind thoughts with this magnificent collage.

I love it Vickie and I will cherish it always as I do your friendship. I am going to find just the right frame for it. Thank You from the bottom of my heart.

I also had an envelope from a great gal that sent me an email after reading my blog and wanted to know if I wanted to do a ATC blind trade. I thought this was a great idea so I said yes. Unfortunately she does not have a blog but I have been encouraging her to get one. She has been doing collages for about a year and she wanted to trade with ME! This is her envelope with some really creative art and writing on it.

And here are her nine ATC's. Her name is Michelle Reed - Artist for Hire and she lives in Long Beach, CA.
I now have to get to work on making up enough ATC so I can send her nine ATC's. This is going to be fun and interesting to see where it leads.

Thanks Michelle, your work is very creative! I love all nine of them.

When I went to town today to pick up the mail and on my way I remembered that Deb in NC over at
Gittin it outta my header ask me some questions about the area I live in. She was especially interested in my "Lane". Sooo....

This is Davis Slough. It is at the bottom of the road out of my lane and is the end of the Slough.
Salmon fishing is very popular in this spot when in season.

You did know I live in Green Acres right? Here is the sign to prove it! Giggle giggle.

This is the DIAO Barge that comes in from Panama to load up wood chips. They take it back to Panama to make paper products with. Coos Bay's main industry is logging..we have plenty of trees!


Ok,we are entering my lane. It is actually called Green Valley Lane.

Better view of Green Valley Lane

Rounding the corner of the lane to my house.

Oh look to the left up the hill...there it house. Soon to be painted a cedar color and we are adding a new porch and paver sidewalk as we type.

Ok coming up on my driveway or road to my house. Turn Left!

Ok we make another left turn up the hill and there you are at my house.

Welcome! I will have more pictures when our project with the painting, pavering, porching and new gutters are finished.

I had a great day!



Anonymous said...

Patti, I'm so glad you liked it. I was thinking how difficult it might be for you. I wanted you to know you continue to be in my prayers as you go through this transition.

Fete et Fleur said...

Oh how very sweet of her it was! You made tears come to eyes. Blessings for comfort to you in this time.

xx Nancy

sherry said...

I was wondering how I could track you down to say thanks, besides snail mail. I am one of the swap partners for the ATC and I got yours yesterday. I really did not know what to expect, I have never done one before. I am mailing yours today/or in the a.m. A very dear friends husband died last week, and I am behind schedule. Thanks so much for the ATC, and the envelope itself is a piece of art!

sherry said...

Oh, and by the way, I was swap partners with Vickie for a Tea Party Swap, and she is a great partner, she did some really wonderful stuff for me, she is very creative. I love the way she did the picture of your mother. What a blessing to treasure.

Debbie in NC said...

I feel like I'm ready for a cup of coffee with you! I'm here...just came up the lane! Knock-knock! Oh, she's probably out doing errands so I'll just take a walk around and enjoy what I assume is a great view! Oh, I've never seen such beauty and trees galore. Where I live, they chop them all down to build more houses! How lucky you are Patti to live here :)

LOL thank you for letting me visit! The collage is gorgeous and I'm with you on missing a Mom. I still think of mine every day ((Patti))

Just Joni said...

What a lovely tour of your truly is "Green Acres", I love the landscape with all the trees and you are a lucky girl to get those beautiful collages in the mail...isn't it nice to share the spirit of friendship with kindred souls...and you are so deserving because you always pour out your friendship in such a sweet way...made my eyes tear up when I read about the collage with your mom...such a sweet thing to do!

hope you have a sunshiney day today Patti!


Anonymous said...

That collage of your mom is the sweetest and most thoughtful gift. And God always has the timing right doesn't He?

Jeannene said...

Sweetest Patti,

Thinking of you at this time and truly praying for comfort and Joy. I love the Collage of your Mother and yes, it does deserve a FRAME!! I would hang that lovely collage and cherish it too. I love where you live, it looks so serene and very peaceful. You are blessed to have received all those ATC from a very talented gal.

Thinking of you;-))

with much love,

Mica Garbarino said...

Oh Mama that colloge is so beautiful. Vickie is such a tender soul !!! How very sweet of her.. I am so sad for your tears... but know she is smiling down from Heaven.. she is in the loving arms of our Lord jesus !!! That is the best place to be.. and you will see her again someday !!! I love you.


~Red Tin Heart~ said...

Patti, That is such a sweet collage by Vickie! By the way did you jnow Mary Englebreit's Magazine, Home Companion has a new paper doll in every issue?
Sending you love. Nita

little chef said...

I love that collage. I love those pictures of grama grape. I want to come to your house soon. I love you so much grama.

Jeannene said...

Just checking in on you dear Patti! I hope you didn't drive away somewhere on one of your lovely roads you live by! I would be temped if I were you though, your surroundings are amazing!!