Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Oh, Christmas is so many things;
One cannot count them all:
A bell that boasts of what it rings,
A fragile, glist'ning ball,
A touch of tinsel on a pine,
A taper tipped with light,
A family met to chat and dine,
A fire thats warm and bright.

Yes, Christmas is to everyone
The peak of human glow
The time for friendly folks and fun,
For wreaths and mistletoe,
For giving and receiving gifts
All wrapped in red and green
From him who drives through the cloudy drifts
The sleigh no child has seen.

And Christmas is the tale retold--
The blessed baby's birth
The story that is never old,
The hope of men on earth.
Yes, Christmas is all these and more--
The day that's truly His,
The day when we should underscore
Our thanks that Christmas is

by Maragaret Rorke

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