Friday, November 11, 2016


In remembrance of all soldiers that have fought to keep American Free.
Thank You!

My Daddy, Cpl Frank Hilton Gale enlisted and served in WWII at the tender age of 15.
He fought in 5 major battles and was missing in action for 19 months.
Came down with Malaria while he was there and it weakened his heart.

He passed away from a heart attack at age 34. I was seven but I remember as if it were yesterday. I wish I could have just one day to talk to him. I was a Daddy's girl and I miss him.

Thank You Daddy and all that serve in these wars.



Ozstuff said...

A beautiful but sad tribute to your father who survived all the dangers of war but was left

A beautiful, loving and sad tribute to your father who died far too young. It's a wonderful thing that you can remember him through your stunning artwork, Patti.

Deann said...

A wonderful post thank you.

peggy gatto said...

Thank you for posting your story.