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I have sort of let this blog go as far as personal things. I already have an art blot at
Digital Whisper but I also am a member of two other fantastic art blogs and the challenges there are so much fun so I post the artwork I have done for them here. Some of my artwork is also on Flickr and I have my own website of some of my better pieces Patricia Creations

But I don't want to lose the personal side of this blog so I need to post here more often.
As most of you know, my husband has had a very hard time since March after he contacted Shingles and was in so much pain and numerous ER visits and doctors appointments and medication did nothing to help.

The last ER visit in April was gruesome. The doctor that night treated us like we were just looking for drugs . My husband was not himself and had been vomiting all morning and was incoherent with a high fever of 104 and when we arrived at the ER we had to wait for 30 minutes to see the doctor. I was concerned and tried to explain all that had gone on over the past two months and that he was in terrible pain but nothing was helping. I know that doctor (I won't mention names) thought we were wanting "drugs". He said to me " you know, he is not going to be without pain for awhile since he has shingles and it can take up to two months if not longer to go away" he sent us home and in less than 8 hours we were back because my poor husband was so confused and could hardly get out of bed and was still in pain and still had a fever.

When we arrived back at the ER they finally did some tests. MRI, CAT Scan of his brain and blood work and found that he had encephalitis. The took him via ambulance to Portland, 4 hours away and he was there and eventually in a coma and on life support for two weeks. I was so upset about the way that doctor treated us the night before that I filed a complaint with the hospital and I think he got dismissed because I haven't seen him there since.

While he was in Portland his B/P was really high and his heart rate was off the charts and his kidneys were shutting down. I was there alone and scared to death! They didn't know what was causing the coma or any of the other symptoms that were happening. They called me into the conference room which you know is NOT a good sign. They ask me if I wanted them to preform CPR or do everything possible to save him if necessary. Of course I said YES! This man is strong minded, willed and physically he would want to have the opportunity to fight and he did.

I prayed so hard day and night in the chapel for God to spare my husband and the next few days he started to improve. He had three teams of doctors round the clock working on a solution and finally after numerous MRI's Cat Scans and blood work they found that he had a lesions on his brain caused by SHINGLES!! They were able to take him off life support and he woke up and we were able to come home.

 A week after this happened I had a GI bleed and was in the hospital for three days. That was scary also.

Two weeks later he ended up back in the hospital with pneumonia and then in June he had that horrific accident and God was with him for eles could anyone survive this..

 Sadly this was caused from the medication he was on for the encephalitis. He fell asleep. His license was suspended. Since then he has it has been reinstated with a perfect report from the doctor. He has had some injections in his back for the after pain of Shingles (hepatic neuralgia) and they haven't completely worked but it is better. This man is so strong he says "I will just keep busy and work though it"

I have had no more problems with the GI bleed and things are calming down and getting back to normal. It feels good :)

Bottom line my friends....go get your shingles shot ASAP.
Hugs to you all

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carolann said...

I read your blog on Shingles. We got our shingle shot last year. As people I know had suffered with the pain in the head with scares and in mouth. Then she even ended up in a wheelchair but not sure if that in a wheel chair or she just got weaker with having a stroke but she had Shingles badly. After that she ended up in a wheelchair more then her walker.

Oh my my dear. You have gone through so much with hubby. And him of course is the one who suffered terribly you say.

I never knew it can get this bad as your dear husband had.

What a warning witness to others. A miracle he did not die first time and a miracle him sleeping behind the wheel he never killed anyone. What age should one get the needle. My family won't get it. Bullheaded. I keep telling them. In Canada we pay like 2OO dollars and you know a lot of people wont pay the price. They will if they get it will pay a high the Price the way your husband did. I see the commercial on t.v and it is a terrible mess on the commercial of the man with the swollen back and side.

Can you send me this blog to my email .I would like to show others especially our best friends and family who said. If you have chicken box Carolann you won't get Shingles. You can get it because you have had chicken box I was told. Is that right? Once you get the shot is it true it is a life prevention. That is what we were told after we got the needle. Or if you do get it it will be not as severe will be mild it that is mild still severe.