Sunday, June 21, 2015


This was created for my challenge over at Digital Whisper
I would love for you to come join the fun!

Background and the girl are from the fun Carson Kit by Rebecca McMeen. I just love her kits and although I don't use kits to often I am having a lot of fun with this one
Ants and picnic basket are from the internet.


indybev said...

You're using the kit to perfection, Patti. This is a charming scene, except for those enormous ants. I hope they get sidetracked!

Ozstuff said...

Witty and wonderful, Patti!

I'm having trouble with my computer (very slow speed, waiting for a technician to take a look at it). I tried to link my picture but it failed and then "froze". I then tried to delete it (a garbage bin appears on lower right side) but it wouldn't work. Could you delete the empty entry so that I can try to repost later in the day> Thanks, Patti.

Deann said...

This is so lovely I like the pastel colors beautiful.

Bill said...

We should always share with the ants! Lovely pastel colors. :-)