Saturday, May 2, 2015


When I was in Portland while my husband fought for his life in Good Samaritan Hospital for three weeks I often walked to get fresh air and clear my mind. I went to Eisenstein Bagels for coffee and my hubby's favorite locks and cream cheese the last four days he was there. He enjoys this so much so I spoiled him. I saw this on a sidewalk outside one of the many shops on 23rd NW Avenue. I got my exercise walking to Einsensteins each day. Just wanted to share this .

My hubby is doing great for literally being at deaths doors only days ago. He is still in much pain from the shingles but is improving with his strength each day and the confusion is mostly gone. His B/P is good, oxygen is good, swelling in his legs is almost gone but that is a great improvement from the swelling he had when he was unconscious. It was so bad his arms were weeping from the swelling. He had a direct line in his vein on his wrist to monitor his B/P at that time and his hand was swollen around the tube. It caused deep sores on three fingers and his thumb. The little finger has no feeling in it now. I suspect the swelling around the tube cut off the nerve. Hopefully it will come back.
I am so proud of this man. He is such a fighter and with your prayers and  his will he is recovering nicely.

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