Saturday, October 25, 2014


Halloween is a holiday I have never been fond of. I hate the colors of Halloween and the witches, monsters and  blood and gore that come with it. The children have fun dressing up in there costumes and with their sacks off they go to trick or treat. Seeing all the cute LITTLE ones is the only good thing about Halloween in my opinion.

I once went to a Halloween party and dressed up as the bride of Frankenstein. Of course my husband was Frankenstein. We actually had a wedding ceremony and that was fun.

Here is my contribution to this Halloween 2014.

My biggest fear during Halloween are spiders. Did you notice that October brings spiders out. I see the webs all over my apple tree and plants on the deck. The early morning fog leaves just enough moisture to make these webs more visable. Although I appreciate the work the spider did to make such an intricate piece of work, I hate them !
What is your greatest fear?

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