Tuesday, August 5, 2014


Not to many years ago I didn't know beans about Digital Art or Photoshop. I loved the look and wanted to learn so I had a geek friend install the latest version of Photoshop and taught myself how to create digitally. I had many friends online that helped me and one friend that gave me one hands on lesson on how to use the opacity feature and I was hooked!

I have been creating since 2008 now and I am still learning. I love the new grunge style and of course my favorites are Steampunk and Victorian.

I take Fine Art Grunge classes online through Sebastian Michales. His classes are excellent and you can do them anytime you want. They are full of tutorial videos and textures, backgrounds, vectors and brushes. If you are interested just ask me.

Last week I created my own online Gallery. It has the same name as the one I had here on Blogger but this one is up to date and I have learned much about copyright so all my work is done with copyright free images.

The name of my Gallery is Patricia Creations and you can visit it by clicking rhis link

I hope you Enjoy !

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