Thursday, October 17, 2013



My hubby and I went to the home show this weekend mainly to look for a compressor that would keep our electricity on through the storms this winter . I really didn't want to go. It is always the same old thing. Countertops, windows, doors, faucets, hot tubs, oh yes lots of hot tubs, those special pots and pans and gutters that trap pine needles. Yep it is always the same old things but every time we go we end up finding something we didn't know we needed.

This year it was a new pest control company. We found it and what drew me in to the booth were these little guys that were displayed on the front table. They are little chocolate mice with almonds for ears, Cute as buttons (or should I say chocolate mice) and they were delicious!

I just had to share this with you all. These would make a really great trick or treat candy!

Oh and here is my entry to the Halloween Art Contest at Creative Souls this year.
The theme was cracked and crackle. 
I call it "Haunted Saints" and you can find the credits for this artwork at Creative Souls in the gallery

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