Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I am not one to use Facebook for much personal use. Just to see what is going on with my family and on my Etsy Handmade page as well as my Altered State of Tin page.

One night when I was going to log into my Altered State of Tin page, I saw that I had a friend request from someone by the name of Joan Robyn. What caught my eye was her profile picture. What? This was my Mother and Father on their wedding day!

I immediately accepted the friend request and ask "Who are you, these people are my parents!"
She responded, "These people are my Aunt Wanda and Uncle Frank" I was flabbergasted !
I have not heard from anyone on  my Daddy's side of the family since his funeral back in 1955!!

I was only 7 years old when my Daddy died but I remember his family being at the funeral. They were from Jersey City, New Jersey. There was Nana, my Daddys Mother, John, my Daddy's step Father, Honey, Joannie, Pat and Johnny his brother and sisters.

I ask my Mother several times growing up what happened to my Nana? She really didn't know but later in the 70's I tried to find someone from back there and I do remember getting an address of my Aunt Honey from someone. She responded telling me that Nana was in a nursing home and not doing very well. She wouldn't tell me anything about my Grandfather except that he was an executive for Chrysler and a drunk and a womanizer that didn't care about his family. His name is tabu to all of them.

Joan Robyn, the person that found me on Facebook. She is my Aunt Joanie's daughter. Everyone else including my Nana has passed. Strange thing is they all died of cancer.

Joan said she had read the letter I sent to Nana and she remembers my childrens names and my married name at the time so she started her search. She was told to try Facebook and to just type in my name. She tried with my brother Richard's name first since he would always have my Fathers last name. He doesn't do Facebook so that was a dead end.

She typed my married name at the time, from the letter I sent to Nana. That didn't work because I didn't put that as my name on Facebook.

She tried Cassidy Gale, my niece, (which Gale is my maiden name) and found her and sent a friend request but got no response, so she looked at some of Cassidy's friends and saw a Patti Koosed and so she took a chance that it might be the Patti she was looking for and sent a me a friend request and posted her profile as a photo of my Mother and Father to get my attention and it did tha'st for sure! Smart move!!


My cousin found me! It is the most wonderful feeling to know that someone cares enough to make the effort to find you. I tried Facebook to find them too but little did I know they were all dead, all except Joan Robyn, my cousin.

We have been communicating every night through Facebook and are catching up on 58 years of family!
I have to say THANK YOU FACEBOOK. Without you, I would probably never get to know my Daddy's family.

Are you looking for someone? If you are on Facebook, make sure you put all names that you have had. That way whoever is looking for you, with what ever name the have for you, can find you, and do the same when you are searching. Search for ALL names that you know of the person you are looking for.


Pellie / Penny said...

That is a wonderful story. So glad things worked out so well for you.


SueAnn Lommler said...

Wow! That is an amazing and fantastic story. Congrats on finding a new family member! Super!
I will have to do that and see what I can come up with

Healing Woman said...

PATTI! I GOT THE CHILLS WHEN I READ THIS AND STILL HAVE THEM! This is an amazing story. Wow! A cheer for Facebook and also for your cousin for persuing her you can learn more about your family!

Amy said...

What a beautiful story. Someone should do a page or blog on all the people that found each other with the
great world of cyber space.

Junibears said...

What a wonderful post dear Patti. It's just like a little miracle!
I'm so happy for you. Hugs xx