Monday, February 25, 2013

Miss You Mama

Today is the anniversary of my Mother's passing. I lost her in 2008.
Here is a photo of her and her best friend  of over 60 years, Hilma.

This photo was taken on her 80th birthday. She is the one on the left in the bright green blouse, which she loved.

I miss you Mama. Everything here is good but then you know that because you always told me that you would be looking through the holes of the floor of heaven .
Give the Lord a kiss on the cheek for me.


Ann said...

keeping you in my heart. It sounds like you have many beautiful memories!!Our Mom's never really leave us...we carry them in our hearts.
I miss my mom very much..i miss the physical touch. it's been over 15 years..I can still smell her,hear her voice.
Hopefully,we keep our Moms alive in the things we do everyday!!

Paxie said...

Losing our Mama is SO difficult. This coming August will be 10 years and I still miss her so very, very much!


brenda Salzano said...

She was a pretty lady, love your white hair and wearing one of my fav colors LIME!! What a time of joy when you see her again and show her all you have done!