Sunday, December 9, 2012


Deer Season

I have mixed feelings about deer season and hunting. Some people don't understand my feelings.
I think deer are so beautiful and majestic and it hurts my heart when I hear that one has been shot.

I actually stand out on my back step in the evening just after dark and there are two deer that come and eat the apples that have fallen off of my apple tree. The tree is about 15 feet away and they see me and keep eating. I don't make any sudden loud noises, just talk quietly and tell them that they can come back anytime to eat the apples.

This digital collage was inspired by them.


Junibears said...

I'm very much like you when it comes to hunting dear Patti.
However your beautiful picture is absolutely a knock-out. Happy Holidays my dear! Hugs xx

Leina said...

Very beautiful! I like deers and forest! Leina

Simply Debbie said...

Dear Patti,
Your collage is very beautiful. I feel the same about deer...even the Bible has such beautiful scriptures about this beautiful animal. But I don't think I could shoot anything or anyone unless it was a rattler and then I would probably shoot my toe off and the rattler would crawl off to his den.
I am so sorry about your husband's health. I was reading some back posts of yours. I have never heard of anyone having a double type of cancer at the same time.
hugs and prayers

Linsart said...

I agree, Patti ! How anyone could shoot such a beautiful animal is beyond me unless starvation is involved of course ! Rick and I went on vacation to Pacific Grove one year. The deer enjoyed my blueberry muffins ! They came back the next morning for more. Of course we saved two out for them ! It was magical. All creatures great and small. Should be respected in my view ! Not an ego trophy for the hunters.