Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Life lessons from a flower:(from search on the net) (not my words)
The soldanelle flower - the plant is said to spread its leaves wide and flat on the mountain ground, and drink in the sun-rays. it keeps the heat stored in the root through the winter.

When spring comes while still under the snow it sprouts the warmth that was stored in the roots through summer in the strangest measure that a little dome is thawed in the snow over its head.

As the plant keeps getting taller and taller this bell of air as well rises higher. And on fine day the flower bud forms safely within it. Even though it is under the ice the flower is safe and not ruined because it is in the bell of air. Then to conclude, the icy covering gives way and allows the little flower to blossom through in to the warm sun shine.

The mauve petals shine like snow itself, and the crystalline texture of its petals seem to reveal the flight through it came.

Although the conditions seem unworkable this bell shaped flower blossoms in the Alpine meadows. Frequently there are 2 or 3 flowers on each stem. The flowers are bell shaped and bent over. The flower is divided into five lobes and each lobe is divided into many fold narrow strips. Read more Solfanger

This is an uncommon plant which grows in harsh weather and under the strangest surroundings. This pretty flower not only adds grand beauty to nature but also reveals the creative power and the capability of the almighty creator.

We human beings can gain knowledge of a great lesson from this simple but strong plant. When things seem to be impossible and under the most difficult conditions, we must rely only on the power that is above us. Read more Trivsel i skolen

This God who has created us has the power and ability to change any circumstance or else take us through any variety of weather, if we will only have faith in him and not trust and depend on our own feelings and influence.

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SueAnn Lommler said...

Beautiful that it stores the heat it needs within.
There is so much for us to "see".
So much we don't understand.
Praise Him

Junibears said...

A beautiful post Patti! Thank you. Hugs xx

Junibears said...
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Anonymous said...

Love that. Nature is amazing.

DeeDee said...

I seen one of your tins pinned on pinterest.. I said I need to go visit.. hope all is well... Happy Holidays. Patti..

Judi said...

Hi Patti *hugs*
What a remarkable and beautiful flower. It has great strength, determination and endurance for sure. I would love to see one in person. We should all be so strong and fortunate to survive.
That is a lovely story.
I hope you are doing well and enjoying a good holiday season so far...Christmas tree is up...?..